Final Fantasy XII Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Release Date:Oct 30, 2006
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The newest installment in the epic Final Fantasy saga awaits you in Ivalice, a magical world where airships dominate the skies. The realm's many races teeter on the brink of war. The Kingdom of Dalmasca is the flashpoint with an invasion, a street urchin named Vaan, and the return of a long-lost princess at the center of this Final Fantasy adventure. The battle system has evolved from ATB (Active Time Battle) to ADB (Active Dimension Battle). What's the difference? No unnecessary load time, precision attack timing, and more use of battlefield terrain. Improved enemy AI helps adversaries use ADB's advantages for their own ends, including plotting ambushes, using reinforcements, and replenishing HP.
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    4.2 / 5
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Final Fantasy XII Cheats

  • 10

    Foe: Targeting Ally / Attack

  • 4

    Ally: Status = Confuse / Attack

  • 5

    Foe: Status = Haste / Dispelga

  • Balthier

    Attack 300 times.

  • Corpse Fly

    Drops from Dragon Lich in the Pharos

  • Crystal

    Obtain every character's magics.

  • Gabranth

    Initiate every fusion technique.

  • Master Den

    Fish the Saboten Crest in the Secret Reaches.

  • Shell

    Deadlands; poach from Silicon Tortoise in Giza Plains.

  • 6

    Self / Bubble

  • 8

    Foe: Flying / Telekinesis

  • 9

    Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack

  • Arcana (10)

    Drops from rare monsters; drops from all monsters after obtaining Canopic Jar

  • Belias

    Obtain every Esper.

  • Fran

    Use magic 200 times.

  • Horakhty's Flame

    Reward for clan hunt "Crime And Punishment".

  • How to beat Rockeater

    Use a lot of wind magic (Aero) on him and attack him physically. He will go down fairly quickly. To defeat him very fast, make sure you are at full MP and summon an Esper. He will help greatly in battle.

  • LuShang's Badge

    Complete fishing mini-game

  • Taikou treasure chest

    Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den.

  • Trickster

    Defeat Trickster.

  • Zodiac

    Defeat Zodiac.

  • Sickle Blade

    Drops from Preying Mantis in the Feywood; steal from Rageclaw in the Salikawood

  • Vaan

    Steal 50 times from enemies

  • Vayne

    Use techniques 100 times

  • 3

    Ally: Any / Esunaga

  • Ba'Gamnan

    Complete the hunt catalog.

  • Cancer Gem (150)

    Drops from Preying mantis in the Feywood

  • 1

    Ally: Any / Raise

  • 7

    Self / Decoy

  • Ashe

    Have the average party level over 50.

  • Beastlord Horn (1334)

    Drops from Humbaba in Mosphoran Highwaste

  • Chimera Head

    Drops from Chimera brain in the Pharos

  • Deimos Clay

    Reward for the clan hunt "Paramina Run".

  • Leshach Halcyon

    Dropped or stolen from Leshach Entitie in Paramina Rift during snowstorm

  • Middle Reaches

    Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches

  • Damascus Steel

    Dropped or stolen from Bune in the Pharos; steal from Vishno in the Pharos; steal from Anchang in Paramina Rift; steal from Bluesang in Cerobi Steppe

  • Death Gaze

    Defeat Death Gaze.

  • Empyreal Soul

    Sell High Arcana x1: Soul Powder x1: Wargod's Band x2

  • Great Serpent's Fang

    Drops from Python in Mosphoran Highwaste

  • High Arcana

    Sell Arcana x10: Soul of Thamasa x1: Feystone x1 to Bazaar; drops from many monsters after obtaining key item Canopic Jar

  • Moondust

    Drops from Mu in the Feywood

  • Mythrill

    Drops from Mythrill Golem in Giruvegan

  • Ring Wyrm Liver

    Drops from Shield Wyrm in Cerobi Steppe

  • Aquarius Gem (150)

    Drops from Golem in the Feywood

  • Capricorn Gem (150)

    Steal from Neglamer

  • Devil Dragon

    Defeat Devil Dragon

  • Gurdy

    Spend 1,000,000 gil.

  • King Behemoth

    Defeat King Behemoth.

  • Mirror Scale

    Drops from Mirrorknight in the Feywood; drops from Dreadguard in the Feywood

  • Scarletite

    Drops from Emeralditan in Nabreus Deadlands; steal from Aspidochelon in Cerobi Steppe

  • Secret Reaches

    Fish the p Saboten Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune.

  • Ancient Turtle (1337)

    Drops from Adamantitan in Cerobi Steppe and Nabreus.

  • Basch

    Kill 500 enemies.

  • Carrot

    Defeat Carrot.

  • Chocobo

    Walk 50,000 steps.

  • Daran

    Complete every map.

  • Gemini Gem

    Drops from Behemoth in the Feywood and Giruvegan; drops from Blood Gigas in the Stillshrine of Miriam; steal from Wendice.

  • 11

    Self / Libra

  • Dorsal Fin

    Drops from Focalor in the Nabreus Deadlines

  • Fafnir

    Defeat Fafnir

  • Hell-Gate's Flame

    Drops from Cerberus in the Feywood

  • Libra Gem

    Drops from Ose in Great Crstal upper layer; drops from Tartarus in the Feywood

  • Orichalcum

    Drops from Deidar in the Pharos; dropped or stolen from Vishno in the Pharos

  • Penelo

    Get 100,000 gil

  • Sagittarius Gem

    Drops from Hecteyes in the Henne Mines east section; dropped or stolen with Thief's Cuffs from Oiling in the Stilshrine of Miriam

  • Scorpio Gem

    Steal from Gargoyle Baron in Giruvegan; steal from Larva Eater in Great Crystal upper layer

  • Vossler

    Obtain every character's techniques

  • Yazmat

    Defeat Yazmat

  • Mimic

    Obtain every rare bazaar goods

  • Phobos Glaze

    Reward for clan hunt "Paradise Risen".

  • Salamand Halcyon

    Dropped or stolen from Salamand Entite in the Ogir-Yensa .Sandsea During Sunny Weather: Reward for Gibbs and Deweg side quest

  • Serpent Eye

    Drops from Basilisk in the Feywood

  • Serpentarius

    Clan reward for collecting all 13 Espers; steal from Zodiark in the Henne Mines east section; sell High Arcana x1: Snake Skin x4: Serpent Eye x2 to Bazaar

  • Ultima

    Defeat , Ultima.

  • 12

    Ally: Any / Regen

  • 2

    Ally: HP < 40% / Curaja

  • Coeurl Whisker

    Drops from Ose in Great Crystal upper layer; steal from Grimalkin in Tchita Uplands

  • Gilgamesh

    Defeat Gilgamesh

  • Godslayer's Badge

    Reward for final clan hunt

  • Larsa

    Master every character's license board.

  • Migelo

    Sell 1000 loot.

  • Montblanc

    Attain monster chain level 50.

  • Omega Badge

    Drops from Omega MK: X11 in Great Crystal upper layer

  • Reks

    Get 500,000 clan points.

  • Upper Reaches

    Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches.