WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: THQ
  • Genre:Fighting, Wrestling
  • Developer: Yuke's Media Creations
  • Release Date:Nov 14, 2002
  • # of Players:6 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Play Smackdown at home! Create your own wrestler for the ring, or choose from a huge roster of television's finest. All the WWE stars you want to see are here: Hulk Hogan, DDP, Ric Flair, and more. And when the fight moves backstage, as it inevitably will, this game can take you there with complete models of Madison Square Garden and 14 other venues. In-game commentary reacts to the game in play.
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WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth Cheats

  • Backlash PPV rewards

    The Rock's attire Christian's attire Create Parts 1 Backlash arena Foam Hands A

  • Survivor Series PPV rewards

    Matt Hardy's attire Hardcore Holly's attire Moves 7 Moves 8 30 Ability Points Survivor Series arena

  • Insurrextion PPV rewards

    Jeff Hardy's attire William Regal's attire Moves 9 Create Parts 4 Insurrextion arena

  • Judgment Day PPV rewards

    RVD's attire Vince McMahon's attire Eddie Guerrero's attire Undertaker's attire Create Parts 2 Judgment Day arena

  • King Of The Ring PPV rewards

    Kurt Angle's attire Edge's attire Moves 2 Create Parts 8 King of the Ring arena Plaza B backstage area

  • Undisputed Championship rewards

    Special RVD FMV sequence SmackDown SYM Special FMV sequence

  • Unforgiven PPV rewards

    Chris Benoit's attire Trish Stratus's attire Moves 3 Create Parts 5 Unforgiven arena Foam Hands B

  • No Mercy PPV rewards

    Shawn Michaels' attire Stephanie McMahon's attire Rikishi's attire D-Von's attire Molly Holly's attire No Mercy arena

  • Royal Rumble PPV rewards

    Triple H's attire Steve Austin's attire Bubba Ray's attire Create Parts 6 Royal Rumble arena WWE Superstar Special Movie

  • Dragon Ball Z style hair

    To make your created wrestler a Super Sayajin, use hair option 96.

  • DX entrance without unlocking anything

    Go to season mode and select STABLE. Choose an empty slot and select TAG. For members, select Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Put Shawn Michaels first. For their music, select Triple H. For their movie, select Triple H. For their moves, select Original 6. You can name them as desired. After doing this, try them in a tag team match and they should...

  • Rebellion PPV rewards

    Chris Jericho's attire Stacy Keibler's attire Brock Lesnar's attire Moves 10 Rebellion arena

  • Hidden wrestler models

    When creating a Super Star go to "Sample Superstars". The first will be John Ceana, followed by Jamie Nobel, Christopher Nowinski, and Paul Hayman.

  • SummerSlam PPV rewards

    Booker T's attire Torrie Wilson's attire Moves 4 Moves 6 Create Parts 9 SummerSlam arena

  • Hidden Superstar faces

    2: D-Lo Brown 3: Bull Buchanon 4: Big Boss Man 5: Chavo Guerrero 6: Sho Funaki 7: Scott Hall (locked) 8: Justin Credible 9: David Beckham (UK Footballer) 10: Earl Hebner 11: Mick Foley (locked) 12: Taka Michenoku 13: Dean Malenko 14: Road Dogg 15: Ken Shamrock 16: Tommy Dreamer 17: Essa Rios 18: Perry Saturn 19: Ron Killings (K-Kwik) 20: Steve...

  • Vengeance PPV rewards

    Lance Storm's attire Raven's attire Billy Kidman's attire Create Parts 3 Vengeance arena A Vengeance arena B

  • WrestleMania PPV rewards

    Hulk Hogan (for Season Mode) Faarooq's attire Bradshaw's attire Moves 1 Create Parts 7 WrestleMania X8 arena.

  • Divas FMV sequence

    Get 100 Knockouts in the Slobber Knocker match in exhibition mode.

  • Armageddon PPV rewards

    Ric Flair's attire Chuck's attire Billy's attire Armageddon arena Winter Plaza area Winter Times Square area

  • Original Dudley Boyz entrance

    When the game was released, the Dudley Boyz were pursuing single careers and they are not shown as a tag team in stables. However, if you create a stable named "Dudley Boyz", place Bubba Ray and D'Von in it (unlock D'Vons Dudley Boyz attire at No Mercy), give it Bubba Ray's entrance music and movie, and the 'Superstars' entrance moves, in a tag...

  • Hidden entrance moves for create mode

    1. Very Tired wrestler 2. Ballerina entrance 3. Normal walk out, then plays invisible guitar in the ring 4. Sparks and mist blow in face on titan-tron then throws hands up in the air on the turnbuckle 5. Ninja with karate entrance 6. Shopping cart entrance 7. Michael Jackson's dance moves (Thriller) 8. Spider-man entrance 9. Booker T entrance...

  • Move sets

    Move set 1: Genichiro Tenryu Move set 2: Kendo Ka-Shin Move set 3: Keiji Mutoh Move set 4: Toshiaki Kawada Move set 5: Bill Goldberg Move set 6: Misc. Kung Fu Move set 7: Jeff Jarrett Move set 8: David Flair Move set 9: Scott Hall Move set 10: Scott Steiner Move set 11: Sting Move set 12: Terry Funk Move set 13: Atsushi Onita Move set 14: Misc....

  • Replacement moves

    Any of the Falling Neckbreakers can be used as Jeff Hardy's Reverse Of Fait. Any of the Flash Magics can be used as a Enziguri. Any of the Flash Magics can be used as The Hurricane's Shinning Wizard. Lita's Diving Moonsault can be used as Bill DeMott's No Laughing Mattersault. Test's Big Boot can be used as Kane's, Kevin Nash's, or The...

  • nWo attack scene

    Somewhere around the No Way Out PPV, Vince McMahon will bring back the nWo. After a week you will face either Kevin Nash or X-Pac. When the match is over ( win or lose), Hulk Hogan will hit you with a hammer and spray "nWo" on your back.

  • Original entrances for stables

    Tag Originals 1. The wrestlers dance like ballerinas. 2. Matrix style where each wrestler go to kick each other, but both miss. 3. Partners appear in a shopping cart, roll down the runway, and hit the ring. 4. Partners appear in car. 5. Partners do strange poses one behind each other's back. 6. HHH and HBK Dx pose. Trio Originals 1. The...

  • Season restart

    Upon finishing two years, your entire season will start over with the draft. However, your superstar points will be saved.

  • Undertaker Combo

    Push Circle + Up by your opponent's legs on the mat/floor. When you lift your opponent with that move push Circle + Left, Circle + Left, Circle + Left, then press Circle + Right, Circle + Left, Circle + Right, Circle + Right. All these are attack moves.

  • Weapon locations

    Ladders can be pulled from under the mat only if the chosen wrestler has an aerial maneuver as one of his/her finishers. Chair: Located under the mat to the left. Ladder: Located under the mat to the right. Table: Located under the mat at the upper center. Sledge Hammer: Located under the mat at the bottom center.