NCAA College Football 2K3 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:With an ESPN TV Broadcast presentation, NCAA College Football 2K3 brings the comprehensive, coherent drama of college football to you with style, excitement and fun. Fine-tuned player modeling and detailed animations captures a rare realism in sports games. Choose from all 117 Division I-A teams or build a team and program from scratch, scouting high schools and shaping your players' skills. You can even save your star senior players and export them to NFL 2K3, where they'll debut their talents in the biggest league of all. Twenty-five bowl games recreate the drama as you live the ultimate NCAA college football dream.
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NCAA College Football 2K3 Cheats

  • Dancing player

    Enter code while playing the game

    Code: Random trick: Hold any single turbo button and push Square.

  • How to edit a players stats quickly

    If you are messing with a players stats, push the D-pad and Analog-stick in the desired direction and the stat will increase or decrease faster. If you use both controllers and it will be even faster.