NFL 2K3 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:NFL 2K3 builds upon the unprecedented gameplay and feel of NFL 2K2. Masterful play animations and bone-crushing sound effects capture the explosive nature of the game. Make your QB dance out of the pocket, spin, and deliver last-second passes. Slam tackle receivers in the air as they jump for passes. An ESPN TV broadcasting presentation recreates the excitement of the NFL experience for sports fans, including in-depth commentary, player introductions, replays, and highlights. Franchise mode allows you to recruit and trade players, managing and coaching your team to the best records and championship runs of the NFL. The online network mode connects eight players nationwide.
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NFL 2K3 Cheats

  • Easy timeout

    Enter code while playing the game

    Code: Hold L1 + R1 and press Select.

  • Power hit

    Enter code while playing the game

    Code: Press L1 + R1 to power hit your opponent.

  • Spoken created player names

    Submit one of the names below for a created player to have them announced during a game. Bill Clinton Barry Sanders

  • Get the ball on kickoff

    Whenever you kickoff do a onside kick. Aim on the opposite side of the other team, low. If done correctly, you will get the ball.

  • View end of season highlights

    To see highlights from your team's season, win the Super Bowl in franchise mode. Approximated highlights of your rise to glory will show while the credits roll.

  • Funny commentary

    Pick a passing play and take the ball. Fade back for a long time and the announcer will say, "I've heard of fading back but this is ridiculous!" or "What is he doing?"

  • Fast drafts

    In franchise mode. Hold Triangle while other teams are making their choices to speed up the draft process.

  • Old team with modern logo

    Press L1 and R1 to cycle through the teams until you see either what looks like a man in a two point stance (1985 Patriots) or an oil rig (Oilers logo). Watch the beginning FMV sequence, and if they show the coaches they will have the team's modern logo.

  • Run faster

    When running with the ball, rapidly tap Speed Burst instead of holding it.