Vexx Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Platformer
  • Developer: Acclaim Studios Austin
  • Release Date:Feb 13, 2003
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:As Vexx, a young man in a far-away world, it falls to you to defend your planet from the invading Shadowraith. After you find your grandfather slain, you must pick up the deadly War Talons and take the fight to the enemy. You can learn 200 fighting moves during the game, and you'll need them to win. The game's 18 levels should keep you busy, but keep an eye out for the hidden party games and bonus stages. Landmarks throughout the game world keep you oriented, and you can visit previous levels by finding the appropriate landmark.
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Vexx Cheats

  • Invincibility

    Enter code in the cheats screen.


  • Level select

    Enter code in the cheats screen.

    Code: XXEVPRAW

  • Super jumps

    Enter code in the cheats screen.

    Code: XXEVNOOM

  • Extra lives

    On occasion, if you knock an enemy off into a bottomless pit or well, the combo counter in the right hand corner will continue to grow. If this happens, go around and do a half-decent air juggle to receive extra lives. It is possible to score 2,500 and get over 10 extra lives.

  • Pirate ship game in the below

    In the pirate ship game with the three pirates from the belly of the large beast, it is easier to not try to change the colors of the squares yourself. Instead, watch the board and let the cannonballs do the work for you.

  • Powerful attack

    Powerful attack: When doing the Square(3) combo, press the buttons slowly and the third attack will be a ground piercing attack that you can follow up with an uppercut by pressing Square. If you hold Square on the third hit, Vexx will power up for a more powerful attack, and his uppercut will send him into the air.

  • Super move

    Utilize combos to increase the super move meter in the top right corner. After it is flashing, press R1 to execute a super move.

  • Quick save

    If you found a diary page or an extra life and need a quick way to save but cannot find a new heart, do not collect a heart you previously acquired. Instead, go to Darby's house on Timberdale. Teleport into the picture and pick up the Crimson Key. This works with the Air Suit, but Timberdale is quicker.

  • Rock suit

    After the Talon's tutorial, when the blind guy wakes you up, jump to the column in the middle that has fire on it, but do not touch the fire. After that, arrange yourself so that you are on the left side facing the exit. Hop into the fire, and rocket yourself out to the left. Proceed towards the blue rings. You will be teleported to the red...

  • Cow Suit

    In Timber Dale, there is a hut hidden behind trees. The trees are metallic, and if you uppercut them, they will clang. if you go behind them and into the hut, there will be a cow. Uppercut it and you will have the Cow Suit. REMEMBER: When you

  • Enter Dragonreach Sandcastle

    Inside of the castle in Timberdale, get to the part with the long narrow pathways in the air. Once you get to the jumping part, drop off the edge to land on a small platform. Jump to the other platform and do a pulse-jump below the shiny spot. You should hit a button that will open a door underneath the normal path. You can dangle from the...

  • Fly suit

    In Dragons Reach (level 2), climb up the dragon's tail. Continue climbing until you reach the yellow poles on the slippery ground. Climb the first and jump to the others. On the last one, turn to your left and try to do a long jump to a small platform with a jump pad on it. You will be rocketed over to the plateau. Walk around it. The fly suit...

  • Alternate ending

    Go to Timberdale. Go to the sundial. Set it to either of the golden dots (sunrise or sunset). Quickly get back to the hub and enter the Shadowrealm. The ending sequence will be different, with Vexx will flipping off Yabu.