Auto Modellista Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Get ready to feel the burning rubber with one of the most well-rounded driving games ever. Unique, vibrant cel-shaded animation and graphics perfectly capture the intense thrill of breakneck speed, while gameplay mechanics and car physics are equal to the most realistic driving simulations. Build your own garage from the ground up, and customize your dream machine to your hearts desire, including suspension, tires, brakes, turbo, transmission and exhaust and detailing. Or choose from over 60 models from Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and more. Play head to head, or online with up to eight players!
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Auto Modellista Cheats

  • Tamiya Kagegawa circuit

    Finish the FINAL level (seven races without the mountain passes). There is a Strict Remote Controlled car challenge. You must remember that your cars won't be as fast as they would on an ordinary track. The speed is in MHz.

  • Special Championship Cup

    After finishing 300 races.

  • Special Championship Plaque

    After finishing 150 races.

  • Special Trophy

    After finishing 200 races.

  • Garage

    You can decorate your garage with shelves. oil cans, trophies, posters, etc. It at least makes the garage look cool when looking at your car.

  • Donuts

    If you want to do donuts, just accelerate and then hold Circle while you holding X.

  • Unlocking Parts

    Unlike the Gran Turismo franchise, this cartoonistic (cel-shaded) racing title requires gamers to win races for unlocking extra parts. These parts become important on later in the game, as you will need to run a near-flawless game to get a victory.