Culdcept Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Board, RPG
  • Developer: Omiya Soft
  • Release Date:Dec 4, 2003
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The great goddess Culdra created the book known as the "Culdcept." In it is the power of Culdra, the power to become a god. Now a "Cepter," one who can control the power of the Culdcept, is trying to use the mysterious book to destroy the universe! Now you can struggle with the gods in this unique fusion of trading cards and board-game elements. Perfect for friends and family, each player will fight to control the Culdcept. Graphics and 480 exclusive cards have been designed by renowned Japanese artists Naoyuki Kato, Hiroaru Kaida, and Kasuya Terada.
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Culdcept Cheats

  • Supreme Ruler of the World

    By collecting 500 cards.

  • Supreme Ruler of the Universe

    By collecting 1000 cards.

  • Roaring Flame

    Victory with over 90,000G.

  • Roar of the Butcher

    Destroy over 10 creatures at once.

  • The Infinite Shield

    Make creature's HP over 200 in battle.

  • The Infinite Sword

    Make creature's ST over 200 in battle.

  • Cosmic Mystery

    Set all Idols on map.

  • Scholar of Monsters

    By collecting every creature cards (Excluding E cards)

  • Time Tramper

    Roll 1 three consecutive times without using magic.

  • Ominous Fang

    Pay more than 20 tolls in a match.

  • Scholar of Sorcery

    By collecting every spell cards.

  • Unifier

    Victory with opponent controlling no land. (Except in sudden death)

  • Repeated Victory

    Over 50 wins in story mode.

  • Lucky Scale

    Take more than 20 tolls in a match.

  • King of the Wasteland

    Victory with all lands at level one.

  • Shadow of the Pauper

    Depleted magic via tolls.

  • Death Bearer

    Victory by sudden death.

  • Performer of the Mission

    Finish story mode.

  • Denier of Spells

    Victory using Book without spells.

  • Two-Headed Attacker

    Victory in a two on one match.

  • Destroyer of the Land

    Quake Beast lowers the level of more than four lands at once.

  • Proof of Friendship

    Win an alliance victory at Malthessburg. (Ally cannot be denied toll)

  • Proof of Knighthood

    Win versus Zeneth with a difference of more than 5000 G between totals.

  • Mechanical Duke

    Play more than three Bundlegears.

  • Solid Defense

    Protect land more than 20 times in a match.

  • Solitary Swordsman

    Victory in a three on one match.

  • Soul of the Alchemist

    Victory with only Neutral creatures in Book.

  • Merciless Breath

    Dry out enemy via toll fee.

  • Stone of the One and Only

    Victory without duplicate cards in Book.

  • Chief of the Commoners

    Victory with only N cards in Book totaling over 10,000 G in cost.

  • Chief of the Rare Tribe

    Victory with only R cards in Book totaling over 10,000 G in cost.

  • Stars of the Ascetics

    Victory using Book without creatures.

  • Administrator of Fertility

    Raise one territory to level 5.

  • Explorer of the Swamps

    Lose more than 3,000 G via tolls.

  • Avaricious Smile

    Gain more than 3,000 G in a single toll.

  • Wings of Swiftness

    Victory before round 20.

  • Victors Among Victors

    Over 100 wins in story mode.

  • Loser Among Losers

    Lose at Malthessburg with less than 100G. (Except on sudden death)

  • Denizen of the Sanctuary

    Gain over 3,000 G in Symbols without a temple.

  • Destroyer of Articles

    Victory with 10,000 G in tolls collected without any items in Book.

  • Wind Rider

    Fill the map with Powder Eater.

  • Chief of the Extraordinaire

    Victory with only S cards in Book totaling over 10,000 G in cost.

  • Voice of the Sandman

    Victory without paying toll.

  • Fortune Bearer

    Victory with building a chain of 10 territories consecutively.

  • Scholar of Artifacts

    By collecting every item cards. (Excluding E cards)

  • Scythe of Insanity

    Take opponent's lands more than 20 times in a match.

  • Dragon Slayer

    Defeat the Dragon with the Powder Eater.

  • Protector of the Earth

    Fill the map with Gooba.

  • Emperor of the Desert

    Victory with no Symbols or lands.

  • Exiler of Existence

    Make opponent's Book have less than 40 cards using Death Gaze.