Rally Fusion: Race of Champions Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Rally Fusion: Race of Champions simulates the Michelin Race of Champions, held annually in the Canary Islands. Experience this unique racing event in one of over 15 licensed vehicles from Ford, Audi, Porsche and other famed manufacturers. Race through over 10 levels on authentic tracks and stages from the race. Weather and time are accurately modeled, so watch out if you end up racing in the rain at night! Plug in an extra controller for multiplayer action.
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Rally Fusion: Race of Champions Cheats

  • Ford Escort Miki Duel, Compact Rally Challenge, and Single Seat Circuit Challenge

    By winning the Driving Challenge I in Class C you will unlock these modes and challenges. By winning these events you will unlock Opel Kadett Duel and the European Rally Cross Challenge.

  • Driver Challenges and new competitions

    All classes will begin with three different types of races. Upon winning these races you will unlock new competitions and challenges.

  • Races

    You can unlock up to nine different types of races by increasing the Class Rank in which you compete. They include Hill Climbing, Checkpoint, and Elimination races.

  • Braking

    Cars which generate more horsepower will require longer braking distances. This is important to remember since certain races will require many hairpin turns (therefore selecting a car with lower horsepower will help).

  • Group B Cars

    These are cars that Activision has included in this rally racing title which are banned from the World Rally Championships (because they are so powerful).

  • Rally Racing

    If you are a newbie to the Rally Racing genre it is important to remember a few key things. Rally racing is much like street pavement racing but with less grip therefore anticipation is an important element of the game (judging braking distances, holding a racing line, etc).

  • Turning

    When going into a hard turn it is advisable to push your brakes enough so that you don't crash into the walls but not enough so that you powerslide for an exaggerated period of time. You might get by in the first few races by making sloppy turns but it come back to bite you in later races if you don't practice making optimal turns. In most cases...