NBA 2K2 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:NBA 2K2 features all the teams and rosters of the 2001-2002 NBA season, along with realistic 3D renderings of professional stadiums and a street mode that includes some of the most infamous urban courts in the country, like Rucker Park and Venice Beach. Included are a create-a-player mode and a revamped one-on-one game. Improved AI features make for better defense, rebounding, and player rotation. Several updates have also been made to reflect recent changes in the NBA rulebook including a low-post game and man and zone defense.
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NBA 2K2 Cheats

  • bonus teams

    Submit the case sensitive code the options menu and choose


  • cheat menu

    Enter code in the options menu and choose Gameplay.

    Code: Press and hold D-pad Left + Left Analog-stick Right and press Start

  • Unlock Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bernard King

    Go to the active players section and find the 80's All-Stars. The West 80's team will have two players who are not active. They are Bernard King and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Take out one and/or two players and trade them in for one or both of them.

  • Free throw interference

    When the visiting team has a free throw, push Square before the player shoots to have the crowd wave balloons.

  • Play as a Legends team in season mode

    Go to season mode and edit the season. Take out any team and put in the Legends team.

  • Do intentional fouls

    When you are down by a few points, press L1 + R2 to call the defense to create an intentional foul. Use this as a strategy to try and tie the score to go to overtime, assuming the opponent will miss the free throws.

  • Better crossovers

    Throw the ball to your SG, SF, or PG and push Circle. Wait for the dribble to end and then push D-pad + Circle. If the lane is clear, lay it up or do the highlighting dunk.