Tetris Worlds Cheats - PS2

Game Description: Tetris, one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, is back! Flip the blocks and clear the lines in Classic Tetris or five new variations: Square Tetris, Cascade Tetris, Sticky Tetris, Hot-Line Tetris, and Fusion Tetris. Sticky pieces, cascading lines, and stationary bonus lines add new strategies to your game. Plug in extra controllers for multiplayer competition!
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Tetris Worlds Cheats

  • Indefinite flips

    When a piece reaches the bottom, you can turn it indefinitely, giving you more time to think.

  • Getting easy ranks

    In story mode you can only gain one rank per game. Once you go up one rank (usually after reaching the goal within two minutes for a second time) just top out, watch the scenery change, and start again to gain another rank.