Casper: Spirit Dimensions Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Help Casper the Friendly Ghost beat the evil Kibosh in battles across four worlds: medieval, a spirit world, an amusement park, and the factory of Casper's arch-enemy. Each world has four bosses on a total of 16 levels. You control Casper with 360 degree flying action. Fire blasts of fire, ice, or spirit energy at Kibosh's minions plus find magical power-ups. This game combines elements of flying games, platformers, and adventure games.
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Casper: Spirit Dimensions Cheats

  • Secret room with Lucky the Chicken

    Inside of Caspers house go in front of the bookcase and shoot the bookcase with normal, fire, fire, ice, normal, fire, and super spirit blasts (in that order). The will open to a secret room containing Lucky the Chicken.