NASCAR Thunder 2002 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Bring NASCAR action to your PlayStation 2 with 23 dynamic courses, real-time car damage, and nail-biting collision animations. There's also four-player multiplayer competition with a Multitap, as well as a career mode that spans several seasons. If you do well, corporate sponsors are hovering to fund your team. Place their product logos on your car and use the money to increase your pit crew and upgrade your vehicle. Along with realistic automobile physics, Thunder 2002 features what must be the NASCAR national anthem -- Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama."
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NASCAR Thunder 2002 Cheats

  • Bonus cars

    By winning the points championship in career mode to unlock the following cars and clips. One time:) Greg Biffle's and Shane Hall's Busch car. REMEMBER:) This also unlocks another clip in the EA Sports section. Two times:) Kevin Grubb's and Randy LaJoie's Busch car. Three times:) Jason Keller's and Jamie McMurray's Busch car. Four times:)...

  • FMV sequences

    Finish season mode to unlock a new FMV sequence each time that it is done. To view the Richard Petty Bonus Championship FMV, win eight championships.

  • Ramming cars

    Get directly beside the car you want to ram. Keep him beside your car on the left side. When you are coming around a corner, push Analog-stick Left to send him straight into the wall. You can also keep him along your left side and wait for the pit entrance get near. Now, push Analog-stick Left to send him into the pits. Some cars can regain...