Triple Play Baseball Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Triple Play Baseball captures the physical excitement and human drama of Major League Baseball. Pitchers and batters engage in classic duels, colored by detailed character animations and facial expressions. Every stadium is faithfully modeled on its real-world counterpart. Every Major League Baseball team and player is at your disposal. A new pitcher-batter interface and intuitively controlled power plays allow for heavy-hitting action. MLBPA Big League Challenge mode recreates the Las Vegas contest with all-star players competing for bragging rights as the best hitter, pitcher or fielder.
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Triple Play Baseball Cheats

  • Ichiro with unlimited creation points

    Enter code as a name when you create a player.

    Code: Ichiro

  • A pitcher with 110 mph pitches

    Enter code as a name when you create a player.

    Code: Strong Arm

  • How to Hit homeruns

    When batting against the computer, show for a bunt and the computer will pitch a fastballl 99.9% of the time. If your at 75 + power level, your batter can hit a homer (and most likely will, shame on you EA). Unlock a Grand Slam Machine Create a player with the name SLUGGER whenever the bases are loaded this player will hit a grand slam.

  • Homerun sounds

    Push Triangle or Square to hear air horns or Circle to hear whistles while running around the bases after hitting a homerun. Remember: If you set the Sound volume to maximum you will obtain the best results.

  • Hit Long homeruns in Home Run Derby

    Play at Cashman's field in Home Run Derby mode, the ball will travel far as hell. Here it is possible to hit one 665 feet with Manny Ramirez and many more with others.