Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Sick of failing to destroy Crash, the evil Cortex has genetically engineered a secret weapon called Crunch, designed to be the perfect Crash-killer. But Crunch needs four magic masks as a power supply, so Crash and Coco must find them first. Crash also has to destroy a Cortex fortress in each of the world's four corners. This 3D platform adventure has more than 30 levels, taking the action from jungle to Japan, from the Arctic wastes to an active volcano. The eight vehicles include a glider, a jeep, a flying machine, and a spaceship. The PS2 version also offers Coco as a playable character.
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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Cheats

  • Unlock Alternate ending sequence

    By getting every one of the 46 gems.

  • Gem locations 4

    Yellow Gem: Gold Rush

  • Extra Lives

    Always shoot those funny brown elephant things (mammoths) to gain extra lives. There are two (or three, Level 1) a level.

  • Bamboozled The Shortcut

    Start a time trial on the Bamboozled level. When you get to the parts where the track twists like a slide, turn right sharply and land on the tracks below .If done correctly, you can take six to ten seconds off your time.

  • Gem locations 5

    Purple Gem: The Gauntlet

  • Gem locations 3

    Blue Gem: Arctic Antics

  • How to beat Py-Ro

    Press and hold Circle to charge the water cannon or you will never hit.

  • How to beat Lo-Lo

    Watch where the mask floats and shoot there.

  • Avalanche Getting all the boxes

    When you are riding the snowboard and the avalanche is chasing you, do not try to get the boxes. The avalanche destroys them for you. Just keep boarding.

  • How to beat Ro-Ko

    Roll around the side of the area without going in the center. Every rock will come near you, and Crunch will mostly miss you.

  • Bonzat Bonsat Super belly flop power

    After acquiring the Red Gem, go to the Bonzat Bonsat level. Jump onto the Red Gem, then make your way to the end to find a gem and the super belly flop power.

  • Gem locations 1

    Red Gem: Crash And Burn.

  • Gem locations 2

    Green Gem: Wizards And Lizards