Sky Odyssey Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Sky Odyssey is a critically acclaimed flight simulation and stunt game. You choose from 11 customizable planes, including the Stealth Fighter and the Messerschmidt monoplane. Test your daredevil skills in five challenging game modes: Target, Sky-Writing, Training, Free Flight, and Adventure. Attempt dangerous stunts like landing on a moving train, flying through caves, and landing on aircraft carriers in stormy seas. You'll also fly on several missions through expansive environments, even using your talents for rescue operations. Weather conditions are rich in detail and variety, making for a top flight-simulation experience. Test your mettle in the skies.
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Sky Odyssey Cheats

  • All missions

    At the mission selection screen, enter code

    Code: push X, Triangle, R1, R2, L2.

  • Swordfish third wing

    Land at the Mid-Air Rendezvous alternate landing strip in adventure mode to find a wing that can be attached to the Swordfish to convert it into a triplane. REMEMBER: Unlock the Special Radar in target mode to make it easier to find the landing strip.

  • Unlock Auto Gyro

    Finish all levels in sky canvas mode with more than 90 points.

  • Shinden part locations

    The four Shinden parts are hidden throughout the adventure mode on alternate landing strips. Land at the strips to collect the parts. REMEMBER: Unlock the Special Radar in target mode to make it easier to find the landing strips. Right Wing: The Adventure Begins level alternate landing strip. Left Wing: The Labyrinth level alternate landing...

  • Unlock Gold UFO

    Finish all levels in target mode with a gold rank.

  • Unlock Corsair

    Get enough acrobatic points in adventure mode to have ten of your mission grades marked with circles.

  • Pontoons

    Finish the Stormy Seas level by landing on an aircraft carrier. The pontoons will allow your aircraft to land on the water.

  • Unlock Custom parts

    Complete the adventure mode levels with at least a B rank to unlock custom parts.

  • Unlock Me-262

    Finish adventure mode.

  • Unlock Silver UFO

    Finish all levels in the adventure mode with an A rank.

  • Unlock Stealth fighter

    Finish target mode with a total time of 10 minutes. You do not have to get them in any order or color -- simply get the targets and land in under 10 minutes.

  • Target mode medals

    Finish the game in target mode to earn medals which can be traded for optional features. Radio: 4 Gold medals Music Tracks (12): 1 Silver medal per track Special Radar upgrade: 2 Gold medals New emblems in customize aircraft mode: 2 Silver medals Unlimited boost for jets: 2 Gold medals

  • Quick landing stop

    Push Down slightly once your landing gear is on the ground, then repeatedly rock your wings from side to side.

  • Lost map piece locations

    There are four lost map pieces scattered around the islands. They are located at Take the Low Road, The Labyrinth, The Ancient Forest, and Over the Falls. The order that the maps are collected will determine which level will follow. Play adventure mode three times with a different combination to get through all three levels: Take the Low...