Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Join the PGA Tour with Tiger Woods. Top pros in this game include Mark O'Meara, Justin Leonard, Steve Stricker, and of course Tiger Woods himself. There are plenty of practice options, from driving to chipping, and when you're ready you'll head out to beautiful courses including Poppy Hills, SpyGlass Hill, and Pebble Beach. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 features a unique analog swing control mechanism that is intuitive and easy to learn.
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 Cheats

  • Red shirt and activate Tiger Woods

    During the Play Now mode. Finish all 21 courses. Tiger Woods' red shirt will now be unlocked. This will allow the distance ranges on all clubs to match his Tigers' actual stats.

  • Distract opponent

    Press X, Triangle, Square, or Circle during a multi-player game while your opponent is aiming and starting their swing. A different distracting sound will be played for every button you push. You can play even more distracting sounds if R1 or R2 is held while pushing X, Triangle, Square, or Circle.

  • How to Hit Good drives

    You can reach almost every green in the game with a driver. Press R2 to tee up the ball. Perform your swing with the Right Analog-stick while holding D-pad Up. When you ball is in the air put some spin on the ball, the more backspin you put on the ball the farther it will travel. (Same on you EA) If a par four is really long try hitting a ball...

  • Speed up the Computers turn

    During the Computers' turn press and hold L1 + Triangle.