Ridge Racer V Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Namco
  • Genre:Racing
  • Developer: Namco
  • Release Date:Oct 18, 2000
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Take on the streets of Ridge City once again in Ridge Racer V. For the PlayStation 2, Namco gave Ridge City a new coat of high-quality graphics paint, and the result is a visually stunning racing game. There are 18 cars to choose from, and as the game progresses you can upgrade their engines and customize the exteriors. Fourteen race tracks will keep you busy, and the city's unique interlocking character means you'll start to recognize intersections and streets used in multiple tracks. There are lots of hidden special tracks and surprises here, and you'll have quite a time finding them all!
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Ridge Racer V Cheats

  • Unlock 50's Super Drift Caddy

    Finish in first place in the Danver Spectra race in duel mode to unlock the 50's Super Drift Caddy car in free run, time attack, and duel mode.

  • Unlock 99 lap mode

    Set the top score in each race of the Time Attack GP in Extra Mode, finishing in first place.

  • Unlock Alternate saved game icon

    Finish the game with all secrets unlocked to change the saved game icon from a car to a programmer face.

  • Unlock Bonus cars

    Finish each of the Grand Prix circuits to unlock new cars. Breaking the Time Attack high scores also unlocks additional cars.

  • Unlock Duel mode

    Finish in first place in lap and overall time in the Standard Time Attack GP.

  • Unlock c hoose car number

    Finish (you do not have to win) the 99 Endurance Race. The game will change your car number to 01 and unlocks a new feature that allows you to select your car number.

  • Unlock Devil Drift

    Finish in first place in the Rivelta Crinale race in duel mode to unlock the Devil Drift car in free run, time attack, and duel mode.

  • Unlock Pac-Man mode

    Exceed 3,000 kilometers in total distance raced to unlock the Pac-Man Race. Win the Pac-Man race to unlock a red roadster with a Pac-Man driver and the Ghosts on scooters as opponents.

  • Unlock Ultimate Maximum Grand Prix mode

    Win all the standard and extra Grand Prixes under hard difficulty.

  • Unlock Third person view onscreen display

    Press and hold Select while racing in the third person perspective to display onscreen information which will include the amount of pressure being used on various controller buttons.

  • Unlock McLaren F1 clone

    Finish in first place in the Kamata Angelus race in duel mode to unlock the McLaren F1 clone in free run, time attack, and duel mode.

  • Unlock Alternate music

    Drive over an accumulated 765 kilometers.

  • Unlock Maximum mode

    Finish the game in Grand Prix mode under hard difficulty setting to unlock Maximum race in Grand Prix.

  • Unlock Quick start

    When in time attack mode, press and hold R2 + L2 at the start to get a speed boost from the instant light turns green.

  • Unlock VW Beetle

    Finish in first place in the Solort Rumeur race in duel mode to unlock the new style VW Beetle car (with super grip handling) in free run, time attack, and duel mode.