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  • 2K Boston Working On A New "Shooter"

    Given the critical and financial success of 2K Boston’s underwater anti-utopian masterpiece Bioshock, it’s hardly surprising that the developer’s “next big project” is a shooter, as GameSpot AU reports. Then again, the words “first-person” don’t precede “shooter” in the job listings...

    Posted August 11, 2009

    2K Boston Working On A New "Shooter"
  • Rumor: 'BioShock' Team Working on new 'X-COM'?

    What's next for BioShock creator Ken Levine? According to some snazzy web rumors it could be a new X-COM game. The classic top-down strategy franchise is probably due for some next-gen treatment. Fallout is already going next-gen from Bethesda and it'd be great to have a new X-COM from Ken Levine. The rumor originally comes from the resume of...

    Posted May 5, 2008| 14 Comments

    Rumor: 'BioShock' Team Working on new 'X-COM'?