Perfect Weapon - PS1

Perfect Weapon
Game Description:Known as Body Hazard in Japan, Perfect Weapon puts players in the boots of martial artist and top agent of the Earth Command Defense Forces Captain Blake Hunter. Lost in distant alien regions of the universe, Hunter has to figure out just how to get home. Unfortunately, the most direct path requires making it across five alien moons, each of which is rife with perils all its own. The Ice Moon, for example, is littered with fierce Icemen and deadly Alopex, while the Proteus Moon seems to be inhabited by a vicious breed of mutants. With over 1,300 environments and 20 alien races, there's simply no telling what you'll run into next. Your martial arts training is really the only thing you'll be able to rely on throughout the journey, and luckily you know more than 100 moves that you can call on at any given moment. Three difficulty settings make this a great game for players of all expertise levels.
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