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Formula One Arcade
Game Description:Last Formula One title from Sony for the PS One, released only in Europe. As the name suggests, the game features arcade-oriented racing and presentation, with a simple front end that makes it easy even for casual gamers to get into. The game features the official FIA license for real cars, teams, drivers and circuits, and a forgiving driving model with driving assistance. The developers made the variation in traction between track surfaces easier and added tyre walls around sharp bends to simplify cornering. There are also track direction indicators that show how sharp the next corner is and pick-ups like auto-driver, turbo boost, super traction, extra time, and invulnerability.
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  • Pedal to the Metal: Where's the Racing?

    Memorial Day weekend is a day to honor fallen soliders, but it's also synonymous with racing. Since 1911, the IndyCar Indianapolis 500 has been held over this holiday weekend, and in 1961 NASCAR joined it with the Coca-Cola 600. The Indianapolis 500 was actually a part of Formula One racing from 1950 to 1960, although it's currently part of the...

    Posted May 31, 2010

    Pedal to the Metal: Where's the Racing?
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