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Civilization III
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Civilization III Cheats

  • Trap opponents in cities

    Strong people that can fight to fortify around an enemy city. Enemies cannot get in or out without attacking you.

  • Unlimited Cash

    Just go for a trade and ask for 1 with as many 0's that will fit on gold (per turn). Then you can use your money to do pretty much anything!

  • Reveal entire map and resources

    Save the game. Include the word multi in the saved game name. Load the game you just saved. You now can now see the entire map and all resources. REMEMBER: This only works in versions earlier than v1.17f.

  • Trade for everything

    If you are at war with another nation, to trade for everything they have, type in as many 9s as you can in the money received per turn. They will willingly trade anything they have for one of your territory maps (or anything else.)

  • Blocking your borders

    Fortify people that can fight around your borders and no one can get inside them.

  • Unlimited gold

    Remember that this procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. This only works in versions earlier than v1.16f. Use a text editor to edit the "script.slc" file in the "\ctp_data\default\gamedata" folder. Add the following lines to the file. ...

  • 100,000 gold and PW

    Start a new game and enter Leemur as a leader name.

  • Easy gold

    Offer a trade to another civilization (a technology or resource they do not have) for an exorbitant amount of money. For example, coal for 2 followed by as many zeros as can fit. Do this once per turn.

  • Get leaders faster

    Find a barbarian camp, then fortify your unit (not artillery, catapult, or anything that rolls on wheels) near the camp. The barbarians will come to your unit and start defending their camp. If this works, your unit will be a leader faster.