Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - PC

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Game Description:A single-player 3D third person action/adventure starring the undead Raziel. Kain, the vampire anti-hero of Blood Omen, has condemned the world of Nosgoth to doom. He and his trusted lieutenants have subjugated humanity, which now lives hidden and in fear. But the world itself is on the verge of destruction. An entity older than Death itself has found an unlikely avatar to give the quest to restore the land: Raziel, Kain's first and most powerful lieutenant. Raziel had dissatisfied his master, and was thrown in the Lake of the Dead to suffer eternally as only a vampire in water can. But the Ancient One saved him, and Raziel must now repent redeem his soul - or, if he prefers, taste vengeance! Since he his de-facto dead, Raziel can move between the spiritual and the material plane, where the world is different in subtle but important ways. This world is stream-loaded: there are no loading times beyond the initial one. And then, Raziel's enemies are vampires: hurt them and they're stunned, but you must learn how to impale, burn, drown or sunlight them. The game also works perfectly without a 3D accelerator.
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