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RollerCoaster Tycoon
Game Description:Roller Coaster Tycoon is all about getting people into your amusement park and emptying their pockets as you show them a good time. Park-goers come in with about $70 apiece, and you can set prices for general admission, for each different ride, and concessions like soda pop, hamburgers, park maps, and umbrellas. You can even charge people for using the rest rooms, but if you charge too much people will simply refuse to pay and make a mess outside. The rides themselves come in several flavors -- simple attractions like Ferris Wheels and Haunted Houses, and the more elaborate tracked rides, like log runs, miniature trains, monorails and of course roller coasters, that can be hand-designed to fit the local terrain or built from a default plan.
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RollerCoaster Tycoon Cheats

  • Unlock the pick pocket:

    Submit the guest name Richard Tan.

  • Unlock rich guests

    Submit the guest name Richard Branson.

  • Unlock the artist guest

    Submit the guest name Simon Foster.

  • Unlock the photographer guest

    Submit the guest name Chris Sawyer.

  • Unlock the hungry guest

    Submit the guest name Tony Day. This guest will usually be hungry or very hungry.

  • Unlock the waving guests

    Submit the guest name Katie Brayshaw.

  • !MEGA! park

    Complete every single scenario.

  • Cleaning paths

    Simply place a new pathway over a dirty path to quickly clean it.

  • Cleaning paths

    To quickly clean your park without using more money to replace the path that is dirty, select one of your handymen. Even though it might not be as fast as just replacing the path, drop them wherever there are empty cans and vomit piles. This also works for emptying the garbage.

  • Happy Therapy

    If you want happy guests, build a small island surrounded by water or with a fence. Build a bathroom, drink stall and food stall. (Overprice them all for extra money) Then place 3 entertainers there. Roam around the park looking for angry guests and carry them to the island. Drop them there and forget about them for some (game, not real) days....

  • Increase guest happiness

    Submit the guest name Melanie Warn. If you rename this guess later in the game, you can use this code over again to increase the guest happiness even more.

  • Increase the amount the bank will give you

    Type in the code: kandy jain

  • Prevent guests from getting sick

    Hold one of the mouse buttons and the ride will slow down, preventing guests from getting sick.

  • Double your ride development

    Name the first guest e=mc2. Find the second guest and name him e=mc3. Both guests will get together and after a year they will ask you to hire them. Tell them YES and use the maximum funding to double your ride development.

  • Get faster Go-Karts

    Submit the guest name Damon Hill. Submit the guest name Michael Schumacher to race even faster.

  • Get More Guest

    Build a steel roller coaster (shuttle loop), then build the exit path through the loop. This will attract more guests.

  • Get More guests

    Click on the "Park info" icon and set the admission fee to $20.00. Then, go to "Financial Information", click on "Advertisements" and start a marketing campaign for free park entry for four weeks. Watch your guest rates, however results may vary.

  • Happy Guest

    To make lots of guests happy make a shuttle loop and then add onto it. Make a huge queue line and charge 3 bucks. It's a short ride and you'll usually get up to 100 guest in line and they wont get mad because the line moves quickly.

  • Pop balloons

    Sell lots of balloons at a really low price. When you complete the mission you can pop a large number of balloons.

  • Pop balloons

    When someone releases a balloon, click on it to pop it.

  • Unlock Mega Park

    Finish all levels to unlock the Mega Park.

  • Keep ride's popularity

    To keep a scary ride's popularity, delete a segment of track and replace it with the same item. The guests will be fooled into thinking that the ride has been improved and will continue going to it.

  • Faster research

    Go to research and look under funding. There will be a lot of items check-marked, such as Shop and Stalls, Roller Coasters, etc. Go to maximum funding and choose only one item to check-mark to get faster research.

  • Go-Karts

    Yeah, this is useful. When you get the go karts as a ride build a custom go kart, then build the track like so: click on a wide land area and do the following, station platform (x4), right turn (x2),up track, straight track, down track, left turn (x2). open the ride at 3 bucks and put the number of laps at 10 and this will make the excitement...

  • Lots of Ride Passengers

    To get alot of people to go on a ride put the charge to $ .20. Next, make sure you use a queing line (the blue one) and make it really long. Your guests will flock to the ride and fill up your queing line.

  • Make a real good park

    Put lots of short go karts and lots of shuttle loop steel roller coasters. Charge the steel shuttle loop between $1.50 - $2, and charge $1 - $1.70 for the go karts depending on how long the go kart track is.

  • Wow! thinking

    Submit the guest name John Wardley.

  • Balloon display

    If you accomplish the mission on the level that you are on, and if you have a balloon stall, when your guests clap they will all drop their balloons and have to buy another one.

  • Build underground

    Raise or lower land with the shovel. Then, go to the eye at the top of the screen. You should be able to see and build underground.

  • Clapping guests

    Before you complete a mission go to a location that has a lot of guests. When the mission is over they will all start to clap.

  • Easy Money

    Build a cheap ride and make a huge queing line. make the ride free-.20 until it fills up. then, change the fee to $10-$20. everyone in line will have to pay since they cant get out of line (unless they don't have enough money)

  • Easy Money

    CLick on the raise or lower land button and make the land high and low and high and low again and keep doing this until you run out of money then after a while you will have unlimited money and all of the parks will be unlocked and you can go to the mega park!

  • Get guests to pays double entrance fee

    Submit the guest name John Mace.

  • See through bathrooms

    Build a bathroom and when someone enters click on the eye on top and choose "See Though Rides".

  • Better shop and stall placement

    Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, not at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks.

  • Display the date

    Move the pointer to where the month is shown, above the weather. Hold the mouse there until the date appears.

  • Food Courts

    Build all of your food courts in 1 place, that way guests don\'t have to walk all around the park to get what they want.

  • Increase park rating

    If you set the advertisements all at four weeks your money, park rating, and guests will all increase.

  • Increase park rating

    Set your research to just roller coasters until you receive a steel or inverted steel coaster. Build a lot of power launched mode roller coasters( such as the Shuttle Loop). This should increase your park rating and guest numbers.

  • Keep Guests in Park

    Make a massively long line for some popular ride. Then lower the price to $0.20 and wait until the whole line is full (something like 100 guests). Then wait until the ride breaks down and do not hire any mechanics afterwards. This will keep the guests standing in line forever. hahaha.

  • Park Information

    If you click on the fence you will return to the entrance with the Park Information.

  • Win Money

    Type in the code: tapish khivensra

  • Build on high places

    When the message "Too high for supports" appears, just raise the land where you want to build.

  • Keeping guests happy

    A clean park is a happy park.

  • Unlock the pick pocket

    Submit the guest name Richard Tan.