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Star Trek: Starship Creator
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Star Trek: Starship Creator Cheats

  • Star Trek: Insurrection ship

    Import the "temp.cxt" file in the "ship main" folder in the game folder to get the ship from Star Trek: Insurrection. Do not decommission the ship or you will lose all of the credits you have. REMEMBER: This will not put any errors on the system. You can also use this as a lose money cheat. If you do not want the ship, remove the cheapest part...

  • Extra credits

    You need Star Trek: Hidden Evil for this trick. Go to an Admiral and then to the fleet screen. Go to "Import Ship" and double click the shortcut to Star Trek: Hidden Evil. The game will respond that there are too many errors and quit. Go back to the program and go to the fleet screen. Go to the new Insurrection ship and immediately decommission...

  • Unlimited credits

    Create a new ship using as much credits as possible. Use the "Export Ship" option after building has been completed. Return to the main menu and restart the game using a new Admiral name. Return to the fleet screen and use the "Import Ship" option to retrieve the newly created ship. Decommission the ship after it is added to the fleet to gain...