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Populous: The Beginning
Game Description:With Populous, the god-sim was created. Millions of gamers were converted. A new genre was born. Now Bullfrog challenges you to achieve immortality in the first ever true 3D, real time strategy game. Tame wildmen and train tribesmen in stunningly beautiful worlds. Make them worship the ground you walk on. Wield your earth shattering powers to wreak havoc and hold them under your command. Turn up the heat of battle with erupting volcanoes, or summon the skies to rain fire on your rivals. Spread plagues among non-believers or direct a tornado into the heart of enemy tribes.
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Populous: The Beginning News

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  • Peter Molyneux Interested In Revisiting Populous, Sky Is Blue

    In “That’s Surprising to No One” news, Fable creator Peter Molyneux has expressed interest in revisiting one of his most acclaimed titles, Populous. "I think Populous probably would be the one that would be the most amazing to do a sequel for," Molyneux recently told Now Gamer. Developer Bullfrog actually went on to...

    Posted December 10, 2009

    Peter Molyneux Interested In Revisiting Populous, Sky Is Blue
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