Wargasm - PC

Game Description:Wargasm is set in 2025 A.D. All governments have signed a treaty for total disarmament, eradicating any future possibility of war. Instead wars are to be held on virtual battlefields. Each nation constructs a database with the virtual representations of their best front line forces and stores them on the World Wide War Web (WWWW). But unfortunately, WWWW, like today?s Websites, are also open to abuse by hackers and saboteurs. And in due course, the balance of power goes awry and utter chaos becomes apparent. Now it?s time for someone to act, and act real fast. Wargasm isn?t just about guns, it?s about strategy too. And don?t get this game just for its naughty title. The death effects are shown in gory detail, with blood splashes on your screen.
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