Planescape: Torment Cheats - PC

Planescape: Torment
  • Publisher: Interplay
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: Black Isle Studios
  • Release Date:Dec 12, 1999
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Animated Blood, Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Planescape: Torment is a fantasy role playing game that uses the Advanced Dungeon and Dragons rules with the Planescape campaign setting. This setting turns most of the traditional fantasy elements on their pointy ears, and challenges you to solve the intricate riddle of the Nameless One. You awake from death on a cold Mortuary slab with no memory of your previous lives and no idea who you are. The rest of the game involves unraveling your past and seeking out clues to your identity and past sins. Torment uses Bioware's Infinity engine, which was put to good use in Baldur's Gate. Players control the action from a top down view, and the game generally adheres to the Dungeons and Dragons rules, which allows you to grow your character in terms of experience level and equipment.
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Planescape: Torment Cheats

  • Get easy experience

    In the Sensate Emporium (the private sensory stones), keep going to Ravel's stone and nodding until you have to speak. You will gain 6,000 experience points every time. Then, just end the experience.

  • Soego's skull

    Lothar will accept Soego's skull and give you massive experience points for it, as well as teach you many things as far as mage training.

  • Getting unlimited gold

    While in the Smoldering Corpse bar, go to Moachi inside the eastern part of the bar. Keep on telling her about how she is not a dustie and ask for some money. Repeat as many times as needed to get 50 gold with each request. This is especially useful if you do not have enough money to buy a tattoo.

  • Mortuary reminder

    If you upset the Dustmen on the first floor Soego will confront you. You will then have to kill him. Avoid combat within that place because you will need Soego later on in the game.

  • Milbor's Ruby Spell component

    Beat the Fiend that is in the box that you are supposed to run around. Do not take it to the cathedral to have the spells removed.

  • Abishai and Sebastian's magical contract

    First, talk to Sebastian first. Then, talk to Grukos. Beat the Abishai and then return to Sebastian. He will reward you very nicely.

  • Get good spells for free early in the game

    Go to the inn (Dorm) at the Sensate place in the clerks ward. Save your game and try to steal from the lady who gives you a room until you get a key. Go into the eastern room and search the cabinets on the north wall. There are also several charms that may come in handy later in the game.

  • See Fell

    If you are stuck, need an extra boost of strength, dexterity, constitution or other attribute, or want something but do not know how to get it, see Fell the tattoo man.

  • See all the FMV sequences

    Remeber to create a backup copy of a file before you begin to edit/alter that particular file with a text editor. Using your text editor, alter the "torment.ini" file in the game directory. Add the lines below under the MOVIES heading:...