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Diablo Cheats

  • Duplicate large items

    Put the item to be duplicated on the ground. Put a mana potion or another item on your belt. Walk a few steps away, then click on the item on the ground. Right when you pick it up, click on the item placed on your belt. Drop it on the ground. If timed correctly, it should turn into the item to be duplicated, and the original one will be in your...

  • How to beat King Leoric

    Run in circles so that he cannot hit you, and have another player attack him in the back.

  • How to beat the Butcher

    First, meet up with him in his room. Then, lead him to one of the walls that look like cage walls. Go on the other side of the wall and close the door behind you. Shoot him with a bow or use magic. Since he cannot open doors, he will just stand there. Just keep shooting him until he is defeated.

  • Customize hot key messages

    Using your text editor to edit the "diablo.ini" file in the game folder. It contains the hot key messages that can be changed.

  • Hidden commentary

    Click on a cow multiple times and the game will say "Yep, that's a cow all right." Keep clicking and it will say "I'm not thirsty." Click some more and it will say "I'm no milk maid".

  • Killing groups of monsters

    Get the Fire Wall spell from the Adrea the witch. Make two walls of fire wall, side by side. Run away in the opposite direction of the monsters. If positioned correctly, they will run through the fire walls and be killed.

  • Cow comment

    While in town you can find some cows near the upper bridge to Adria the witch's hut. Click on the cows and they should moo. Keep clicking on the cow and your character will eventually should say something similar to "Yes, that is a cow".

  • How to beat Diablo:

    Lure out the lesser monsters a few at a time and kill them. This reduces the number of enemies that come after you. When Diablo comes after you, get your back against a wall. He will not be able to knock you back and you can keep hitting him.

  • How to beat Zhar The Mad

    Walk towards a corner. He will follow and appear in front of you. Trap him in the corner. Hit him every time he appears, since he will be still trapped in the corner. If done correctly, you should not use any energy.

  • Skip FMV sequence

    After completing the game online, hold [Alt] and press [Tab] to skip the ending sequence.

  • Fastest weapons

    The following are each character's fastest weapon. Warrior: Sword; Rogue: Bow; Sorcerer: Shield, with nothing in the other hand.

  • Start stronger

    After starting a new or saved game play until your character gets to a level status that you want. Save the game and click "New game" Click on your character, then click "OK". When the screen appears again, do not click on "Load Game". Instead, click on "New game" to start with all your stats and items intact from the previous game.