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Game Description:Warface is powered by CryENGINE 3, bringing you award-winning next-gen visuals that have been lauded as the best of their kind on any format. In the free-to-play arena they are without equal. We give you breathtaking locations, taking you to the deadliest places on the planet. Innovative game design brings intuitive controls and thrilling moment-to-moment gameplay which elevates you to a whole new level of immersion. Finally, Warface gives you extensive and addictive multiplayer options. A vast and constantly updated PVE universe complete with dramatic co-op missions that reward teamwork and individual skill, and a full set of class-based PVP games for unmatched competitive play.
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Warface Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Not Just a Pretty Face

Warface Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Not Just a Pretty Face

By Leah Jackson - Posted Aug 23, 2012

Warface may have been the biggest surprise for me at Gamescom 2012. Going in to the show I hadn't even heard of Crytek's free-to-play first-person shooter, but after getting some hands-on time with the game, I feel like it's my duty to explain to everyone just how groundbreaking this thrilling title could become.

Warface isn't what you'd expect from a FTP title if you've only dabbled with some of the current offerings on the market right now. The intense shooter, powered by Crytek’s gorgeous CryENGINE 3, is a step above the rest thanks to its top-notch visuals, varied missions, and fast-paced gameplay.

Every day a new, random, co-op mission will be generated by the game and players will have to work in a team of five to make their way through it. In our demo, the scenario had us gunning down enemies in waves while also trying to evacuate an area before a tank that was destroying everything in its path could take us out. Crytek told us that since its missions are randomly generated, it could take up to a month for players to see the same one again.

As you load into a mission, you can pick from one of four classes of soldiers: a Rifleman, a Medic, a Sniper, or an Engineer. The Rifleman is great with machine guns and can give their allies ammo. Medics specialize in short-range weapons, can heal teammates, and can resurrect players when they die. Engineers wield sub-machine guns and can repair armor. The Sniper, as you'd expect, carries a sniper rifle, and they're great at taking out enemies from afar.

Communication and working together is key in Warface. You'll constantly be relying on your allies to resurrect you if you die or to help you up on to high ledges for better angles. The game even has integrated quick chat so you can tell your team things like, "Over here!" or "Hurry up!" without the need for an in-game microphone.

In our mission, I played as a sniper and was covering my buddies and taking out other snipers hidden in buildings and up on ledges. Anytime I killed an enemy, I'd get points, but I'd also get points for helping my team and completing objectives and sub-objectives.


Mission objectives are the overarching challenges in the missions, like escaping the tank in our mission. Sub-objectives on the other hand are mini challenges, like resurrect 10 people or get 20 headshots with a pistol. Completing sub-objectives increase your point multiplier, and at the end of the day your team’s main goal is to earn as many points as possible in order to end up on a leaderboard.

If your team can manage to rack up enough points to be in the top 10 percent on the daily leaderboards, you and your teammates will be rewarded with coin bonuses that you can spend on top-tier items and weapons with special skins. However, if you and your team can't earn enough points to top the leaderboards, that's okay too since rewards like weapons, outfits, and equipment are all unlocked randomly by just playing through the missions and ranking up.

You can also use crowns, Warface's in-game currency, to purchase any weapons, outfits, or equipment that you want. Another item you can buy with crowns are coins, which are essentially used as an extra life if you and your teammates all die during a mission. You can use a coin to revive yourself and continue from where you died rather than having to go all the way back to a check point.

Warface also features a PvP mode where you can take on others in a Team Deathmatch environment, as well as a training facility where you can test out all of your equipment.

After getting my hands on Warface, I was pretty blown away by what Crytek has managed to accomplish. I can see the random daily missions appealing to a wide a variety of gamers, and on top of that, the game has a level of polish that we're not used to seeing from today's other free-to-play fare. With Warface's release, Crytek is setting the standard higher than ever before, and I can't wait to try to tackle the challenging missions with a group of friends when the game goes in to beta this fall for the PC.