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Game Description: The grandfather of simulation games is coming back with a brand new, more detailed, and more ambitious iteration of the series.
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  • SimCity Beta Returns Next Week

    Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version Electronic Arts and Maxis are giving fans a second chance to give SimCity a whirl, with another closed beta set to begin on Saturday, February 16, 2013 and end the next day on Sunday, February 17. Just like the previous beta, participants will be able to sample a one-hour chunk of the game. It's...

    Posted February 8, 2013

    SimCity Beta Returns Next Week
  • SimCity Beta Launches Next Week With One Hour Play Limit

    Electronic Arts and Maxis will launch a beta test for SimCity next week, according to the game's official Twitter feed. Sign-ups are open on the SimCity website, though note that the beta is PC-only and that you'll need an Origin account in order to sign up. The test kicks off on Friday, January 25, 2013 and ends on the following Monday,...

    Posted January 18, 2013

    SimCity Beta Launches Next Week With One Hour Play Limit
  • 2013 Games Preview: SimCity

    Release Date: March 5, 2013 Developer: Maxis Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Platform(s): Windows / Mac OS X Will you be a benevolent mayor, working to keep taxes down and offer a deep well of city services for your constituents to draw from? Or will you go the route of a despot, choking the populace with crippling tax rates and building...

    Posted January 15, 2013

    2013 Games Preview: SimCity
  • SimCity Intro Movie Celebrates Fake Urban Planning

    Electronic Arts is sharing a new look at Maxis' SimCity in the form of the game's intro video. There's not much to it, really; you've likely played tons of games in your life and, as such, have seen tons of intro videos that offer a basic sense of what the game is like. This refreshed take on SimCity arrives on March 8, 2013. The game's...

    Posted January 9, 2013

    SimCity Intro Movie Celebrates Fake Urban Planning
  • SimCity Trailer Shows Off Multi-City Play

    It used to be that you'd hide your pollution-producing power plant off in a filthy corner of your sprawling SimCity urban paradise, but the series' 2013 revival offers an alternative in multi-city play. In the above trailer's example, lead designer Stone Librande establishes a neighboring city to feed power to his glitzy, casino-laden tourist...

    Posted December 11, 2012

    SimCity Trailer Shows Off Multi-City Play
  • SimCity Release Date Announced

    Maxis will launch its new and improved SimCity on March 5, 2013, a morning press release from Electronic Arts confirms. The studio's first return to the franchise since 2003's SimCity 4 introduces the new GlassBox engine and an elaborate, community-oriented online component. Origin pre-orders are now open through both EA's virtual storefront...

    Posted October 24, 2012

    SimCity Release Date Announced
  • SimCity "Disasters" Gameplay Trailer

    EA has released a trailer for SimCity featuring the game's more destructive features. Playing god and creating your own city is great, but sometimes what you really want to do is tear it all down. I guess some gamers just want to see the wold burn. Disasters include tornadoes, alien invasions, earthquakes and more. I'm still hoping there is a...

    Posted October 15, 2012

    SimCity "Disasters" Gameplay Trailer
  • SimCity Will Allow Players To Move Into "Abandoned" Cities

    Maxis' upcoming urban planning game SimCity will allow players to move into cities that have been "abandonded" by other players. Among the biggest changes that will be coming with the version of SimCity to hit in 2013 is the addition of social play. Your city will "interact" with neighboring towns in a non-linear way, so if...

    Posted October 9, 2012

    SimCity Will Allow Players To Move Into "Abandoned" Cities
  • Official SimCity Cinematic Trailer E3 2012

    Check out the thriving metropolis that is the official SimCity trailer from E3. We've already seen two trailers for SimCity from E3 this year (here and here), but this one is by far the most...dramatic. While it doesn't show any actual gameplay, it does give us an idea of the sheer scope and magnitude of what we can expept from the latest...

    Posted June 5, 2012

    Official SimCity Cinematic Trailer E3 2012
  • E3 Preview of SimCity: This Town Is Going To The Dogs

    We've got a SimCity preview for you that proves civic planning can be adorable. SimCity, powered by the GlassBox Engine, promises to provide many carefree hours of urban simulation fun, but unlike previous SimCity games, this one won't take place in a vacuum -- you'll have to deal with neighbors, and all the crime, pollution and unpleasantness...

    Posted June 5, 2012

    E3 Preview of SimCity: This Town Is Going To The Dogs
  • SimCity Release Date: February 2013

    SimCity has a release window. The sandbox game will be hitting PCs in February 2013. The sandbox game will "charm your nuts off," according to Jake "Chilly Legs" Gaskill, who has seen SimCity in action. Check out Jake's SimCity preview for a lot more info. Powered by the GlassBox simulation engine, SimCity aims to take back...

    Posted June 1, 2012

    SimCity Release Date: February 2013
  • SimCity Video Shows Off GlassBox Powered Water System

    Usually I don't nerd-out over plumbing systems, ground water management and the effects of water pollution on industrial production rates, but when it comes to SimCity, I can't help it. The below video shows off how the GlassBox Engine will manage the water system in upcoming game SimCity. SimCity is planned for a 2013 release. Watch...

    Posted April 17, 2012

    SimCity Video Shows Off GlassBox Powered Water System
  • SimCity To Require Always On Internet

    Upcoming civil planning simulator SimCity will require EA's Origin and always-on Internet, but you'll be able to buy it on other downloadable services. Basically, no matter where you buy the game, you'll need an Origin log-in to play it. The game's focus on multiplayer and the world-wide economy require an internet connection in order to...

    Posted March 28, 2012

    SimCity To Require Always On Internet
  • SimCity's GlassBox Engine Demoed In New Video

    The next SimCity game will be powered by Maxis' all new GlassBox Engine, and a new video featurette has been released to show off how it powers the underlying play. There are no Godzilla attacks or hurricanes here, so move along if action is what you're looking for. Instead, gameplay lead Dan Moskowitz runs through a variety of in-game...

    Posted March 20, 2012

    SimCity's GlassBox Engine Demoed In New Video
  • SimCity's Glassbox Simulation Engine Details -- Sophistication Through Simplicity

    Leading up to GDC 2012, one of the big rumors as far as reveals was that EA and Maxis would unveil a new SimCity game. Well, as you’ve probably seen by now, that’s exactly what happened. However, despite holding a special press event to officially unveil the game, neither EA nor Maxis talked at all about the game itself or provide...

    Posted March 9, 2012

    SimCity's Glassbox Simulation Engine Details -- Sophistication Through Simplicity
  • SimCity Limited Edition "Heroes And Villains" Gameplay Trailer

    Posted: February 8, 2013

    2,969 Views | 01:01

  • SimCity Game Introduction Trailer

    Posted: January 9, 2013

    5,920 Views | 01:20

  • SimCity "Disasters 101: Protection and Prevention" Trailer

    Posted: October 15, 2012

    6,378 Views | 02:34

  • SimCity "Big Business" Gameplay Trailer

    Posted: October 4, 2012

    4,222 Views | 08:45

  • SimCity "Sim World" Trailer

    Posted: August 16, 2012

    5,294 Views | 01:05


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