SimCity Cheats - PC

Game Description: The grandfather of simulation games is coming back with a brand new, more detailed, and more ambitious iteration of the series.
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SimCity Cheats

  • Get an instant building

    Press and hold the following key and you can to build over objects.

    Code: CTRL

  • Get $10,000

    Press and hold SHIFT and Submit the code . If you want to use this code more than once, remember to pause, save and load the game again. Don't use the code too many times or you will get natural disasters such as earthquakes.

    Code: fund

  • An easy way to keep citizens happy

    Since taxes are collected at the end of the year, keep your tax rate at 0% for the whole year and raise the tax rate to the desired rate at the end of the year. Once taxes have been collected remember to lower your tax rate to 0% immediately.