Populous Cheats - PC

Game Description: The power of light or the force of darkness -- Populous lets you decide which path to walk down. This grandfather of the "God game" genre, created by Peter Molyneux has players gover the lives and fates of humans in four different landscapes. Swamps, earthquakes and volcanic erruptions are at the player's finger tips.
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Populous Cheats

  • Level 999

    Submit the code in the title screen.

    Code: killuspal

  • Gameplay Hints 3

    If you look at your magic meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The helmet and sword represents the knight

  • Gameplay Hints 1

    If you lower the land underneath them until these items will sink into the water if you want to get rid of rocks, trees, and other impeding objects (burned buildings).

  • Gameplay Hints 2

    If the computer keeps on using earthquake, then raise your land. If the computer keeps on using volcano then lower your land.