Hard Reset - PC

Hard Reset
Game Description: This dark sci-fi FPS is set in a future world where robots have taken over. The remainder of the human race now occupies a single city, Bezoar, which is where the game opens on protagonist Major Fletcher.
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Flying Wild Hog gleefully embraces the joys of the circle strafe in its just-released PC-exclusive first-person shooter, Hard Reset. It's not the only thing the game has going for it, but it's the element that most clearly lays out what sort of experience you can expect to have as you play.

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    Hard Reset Hands-On Preview -- When Blade Runner Met Painkiller

    This cyberpunk fueled run and gun shooter from the folks that brought you Bulletstorm and The Witcher series is a stunning next-gen take on an old-school formula, as we recently found out in our first hands-on look.

    Posted: Aug 16, 2011

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