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Renegade Ops
Game Description:Renegade Ops puts players in a mobile commando unit sent behind enemy lines to defeat Inferno, a madman intent on global domination. Defeat enemies across a range of stunning environments using a wide variety of vehicles, from dispersing electromagnetic shock waves to the deployment of a huge Gatling gun armed to the teeth. Players have the choice to fight alone in single player mode, team up offline with two-player split screen or join the dynamic 4-player online co-op experience. Blast your way through enemy lines by working together, or compete for achievements as you and your friends aim to top the online leader boards.
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    Renegade Ops Hands-On Preview

    Gamers love to point to how story-heavy, sophisticated games give us windows into human emotion and touch our souls with their subtle messages of heartbreak and hope, but sometimes you just wanna blow crap up. Enter Renegade Ops.

    Posted: May 30, 2011

  • Renegade Ops Teaser Trailer

    Posted: May 6, 2011

    5,599 Views | 00:31