Snapshot - PC

Game Description:Take control of Pic, the robot camera built for a single purpose: capture and collect a mysterious energy scattered throughout a beautiful but dangerous land... What if a camera captured more than just an image? In "Snapshot", that's exactly what Pic's camera does. It actually absorbs objects into photographs, removing them from existence! Paste one of your pictures back into the world and see all of your captured objects come tumbling out. Capture even the most unusual objects: doors, light, even copies of yourself! Travel through five unique worlds, collect beautiful and elusive objects, and overcome the most challenging puzzles. With tons of objects to be photographed, there's never just one solution. Boasting a new physics engine, objects now caught in motion, continue in motion once they're pasted. Can't quite reach that button on the ceiling? Capture a falling rock and paste the photo upside down, sending the rock hurtling upwards! As you'll soon find out, sometimes a picture is worth so much more than just 1,000 words.
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  • Snapshot Now Available On Steam

    The PC version of indie game sensation, Snapshot, is now available on Steam. A Mac, Linux and PS Vita version will be available in the coming...

    Posted August 30, 2012

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