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Dungeon Defenders
Game Description:Dungeon Defenders throws action-RPG and tower defense gameplay into the proverbial blender to create a seamless mix of leveling, looting and high-action territorial combat for casual and core players alike. Dungeon Defenders features a lovingly-rendered watercolor art style and allows up to 4 players, online or locally, to take one of four distinct classes into fierce battle against ever-increasing waves of baddies and bosses across 15 arenas and multiple modes.
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Dungeon Defenders News

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  • Dungeon Defenders Features Four-Player Fun

    Dungeon Defenders has made the leap from mobile to console but it's by no means a simple tower defense game. Mixing action RPG elements with classic tower defense action and exciting multiplayer are just a few reasons we enjoyed this colorful little title. Dungeon Defenders uses a very colorful, almost cartoonish visual style. The little...

    Posted October 31, 2011

    Dungeon Defenders Features Four-Player Fun
  • Dungeon Defenders DLC Coming In November

    Trendy Entertainment's downloadable game Dungeon Defenders combines tower defense and action RPG. It comes out for the 360 and PSN on October 18, and we've got the inside word on the game's DLC. "We're preparing an entire DLC expansion campaign, which continues the storyline from the original game, and includes new lands, enemies, bosses,...

    Posted October 13, 2011

    Dungeon Defenders DLC Coming In November
  • Dungeon Defenders: Defending Your Dungeon

    If you've played the hell out of Plants vs. Zombies, crashed every castle in Castle Crashers and thoroughly pissed off all the Angry Birds, you'll clearly be on the prowl for the next, best downloadable title...Is Dungeon Defenders the one? "The set-up itself is simple. You progress up the tower attempting to hold back the onslaught of...

    Posted September 24, 2010

    Dungeon Defenders: Defending Your Dungeon
  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Best Downloadable Games Part 2

    Posted: November 30, 2011

    2,164 Views | 01:56

  • Dungeon Defenders Launch Trailer

    Posted: October 19, 2011

    1,262 Views | 01:09

  • Dungeon Defenders "Magus Quarters" Gameplay

    Posted: October 13, 2011

    2,884 Views | 08:48

  • Dungeon Defenders Huntress Trailer

    Posted: December 15, 2010

    2,276 Views | 02:31

  • Dungeon Defenders Official Trailer

    Posted: October 27, 2010

    1,305 Views | 02:25