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Game Description: “Dwarfs” is an arcade/strategy game set deep underground. Your goal is to explore a vast, randomly generated dungeon, while at the same time protecting your home town from harm.
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Dwarfs Preview

Dwarfs Preview

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Sep 17, 2010

The concept behind Dwarfs is rather simple – you are going to die. Part Dwarf-Fortress and part Lemmings, you loosely command an ever growing army of diggers to excavate nuggets of gold, rare metals, and pockets of magma that will quickly rush in to exterminate all life from your settlement. Death happens and your only job is to stall that 16-bit reaper as long as possible. With a whole cavern of beasts, nasty bosses, and endless pools of water just waiting with every swing of the axe, you might want to finish up your bucket list pretty soon.

You start off with a modest village, spitting out the occasional miner. Without any instruction, they’ll start digging and gaining experience with every clod of dirt they overturn. At higher levels, your little diggers work faster and collect more money. They also find those pockets of danger a little quicker. Instead of ordering your followers where to go, you throw up obstacles or the occasional sign. Think of it as passive-aggressive management.

Of course, all of this requires money – money you make by digging, exploring, and getting into trouble which you then spend just trying to get back out of it. Warriors can help out against monsters, but you’ll continue to bleed out gold until the very end. Just when you think you think you have the Spider Queen beaten, one of your miners hits a pocket of water to wash away your entire operation. 


The developers of Dwarfs are still hard at work incorporating additional items such as catapults as well new modes like a rush mode and a tower defense-style mode. Look for Dwarfs to reach the surface sometime this fall on the PC, Xbos, and Windows 7 Mobile platforms, or you can download and delve into the beta right now.

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