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The Ball
Game Description:The Ball is a first person action-adventure game featuring a full single-player experience built on Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology. As a swashbuckling archaeologist working on the slopes of a dormant volcano somewhere in Mexico, you get stuck in a cavern. It doesn't take long before you realize this is more than just a cave. You reveal ancient ruins that have been hidden from outsiders for centuries and discover a mysterious artifact, a gold and metal shelled Ball.
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The Ball Preview

The Ball Preview

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Sep 16, 2010

If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this indie game before, then you’re not too far off. The Ball started out as an entry in the Make Something Unreal contest and came out with a handful of awards. That was good enough for Tripwire to turn this first-person action puzzler in to its very own game by giving it a facelift and a few tweaks to the gameplay.

You start out as an archeologist on a dig who got a little too close to the pit. After meeting the bottom head first, you stumble across a device to control a mighty boulder by pushing it and pulling it towards you. Though things become quickly complicated, using your head and that massive rock can solve most of the puzzles in the game.

The Ball

Much like another first-person puzzler, The Ball utilizes very simple concepts to create very complex puzzles and situations. In a matter of minutes, I was already finding hidden rooms, squashing enemies under my rock, and moving through chambers with relative ease. One of the smarter moves on the designer’s part was to make the rock transparent when rolling it forward. It helps you line up critical shots as well knowing where you’re going. Later levels add additional attributes to your rolling ball of destruction such as throwing out landmines. Look for The Ball to roll our way sometime later this year as a PC indie title.

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  • HDK1LL3R

    This first person game looks just amazing.

    Posted: November 16, 2010 5:29 AM