Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures - PC

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
Game Description: Clone Wars Adventures offers exciting minigames, dynamic activities, lively social events and thousands of customization options. Players can even battle it out with friends alongside iconic Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Ahsoka Tano.
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E3 2010: Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Hands-On Preview

E3 2010: Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Hands-On Preview

By Patrick Klepek - Posted Jun 03, 2010

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

If you're reading this, chances are Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures wasn't designed for you. You might be a fan of the Clone Wars television series, but still, Clone Wars Adventures, an online collaboration between LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment, wasn't created with you in mind. Clone Wars Adventures is targeting the younger market, the kids who are looking for something new to play online for free. But here's the best part: you're going to enjoy it, too.

Think of Clone Wars Adventures as MMO-lite. Sony Online Entertainment has developed a persistent online world themed after the Clone Wars show, but it's an experience without many of the traditional MMO tropes, including level grinding. Clone Wars Adventures is more about earning equipment and other vanity items by playing the different mini-games. You want to make your friends jealous with your sweet new lightsaber, not a level 57 lightning spell.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Sony Online Entertainment's pre-E3 demo of Clone Wars Adventures in Los Angeles was loaded with the obvious caveats for an unfinished game -- the game is early, many features still aren't in -- and punctuated with a keen reminder this is an online experience designed specifically for kids. That did little to stop myself and others watching the same demo from laughing up a storm while witnessing a Crazy Penguin-esque mini-game involving a bouncing Gungan trying to avoid piles of feces and Stormtroopers or simply picking out the subtle difference between two photos.

What made it all work? Star Wars. Without the Star Wars audio and visuals, without all of the nostalgia being tapped, Clone Wars Adventures would have more trouble moving the needle for anyone clearly outside the target demographic. But it has the advantage of leveraging those emotions to reel you in. Like LEGO Star Wars before it, Clone Wars Adventures is a simple concept aided by proper implementation of a beloved universe.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Most importantly, trying out the game doesn't cost a thing. You just point your web browser to the game's website and voila. CWA is based on the same successful business model driving Sony Online Entertainment's other younger-oriented MMO, Free Realms, which makes money by providing free content and hiding the rest behind a premium account.

It's Star Wars, man. What's the harm in loading up a web site?

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  • Korithian

    I know its ment for a younger audience and those that are looking for something for free. But does SOE and LA really think this can compare to something like Star Wars The Old Republic. Even a younger audience is going to notice the vast difference in the two games. I just don't see why SOE have bothered to try and compete with TOR cause lets face it no one is going to pick this over ToR, so the only people that are likily to do so are those that can't afford ToR and they aren't going to bring much money in for SOE if thats the case.

    Posted: June 15, 2010 11:57 AM
  • rugggg

    I like this a lot; however, I'm patiently waiting for SWTOR and TFU2, unless I come across a million dollars in the next couple of months, this unfortunately will not be getting bought.

    Posted: June 4, 2010 4:47 PM
  • ChrisHero22

    I'm a fan of the series, as an adult it sometimes annoys me when the series takes a more childish turn. With that in mind, I find this very interesting. It being more targeted towards children at first threw me off, but I actually tend to agree with the opinion of one Patrick Klepek more often than not. Although it is early in stages, and won't be out till this fall, I think I will likely give this one a try.

    Posted: June 4, 2010 12:55 PM