Rift - PC

  • Publisher: Trion Worlds
  • Genre:RPG, MMO
  • Developer: Trion Worlds
  • Release Date:Mar 1, 2011
  • # of Players:9999 players, 9999 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Violence)
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Game Description:Rift, the graphically stunning online game, is set in a world being torn apart by dimensional “rifts” that tear into the land of Telara, releasing powerful forces that threaten the very existence of the entire universe. Rifts and other dynamic events can be triggered by players, scheduled by the development team, or even occur spontaneously. Dynamic events within Rift can lead to a range of changes across the world, including everything from minor events to dramatic shifts in the game’s landscape and the opening of new areas. Players will connect with hundreds of thousands of other gamers to battle creatures overrunning the world, as well as each other.
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Rift Update 1.6 Preview -- Largest Update Yet Brings New Zone, Mode, Dungeon, and Raid

Rift Update 1.6 Preview -- Largest Update Yet Brings New Zone, Mode, Dungeon, and Raid

By Leah Jackson - Posted Nov 04, 2011

Now that RIFT, the fantasy MMO from developer Trion Worlds has been out for over eight months, it's time for the game's largest update yet. With update 1.6, RIFT fans of all types are in for a treat. Whether you like raiding, events, pvp, dungeons, or just exploring this update has something special just for you. RIFT producer Adam Gershowitz was kind enough to give us a tour of the new update, so check out our video walkthrough for all the RIFT-y details:

Front and center in Update 1.6 is the new level 50+ zone, Ember Isle. This is the first time that a RIFT update has introduced a new zone, and the Ember Isle is an absolutely gigantic zone. The isle is a beautiful island home to a lush jungle and huge erupting volcano that will help push RIFT's storyline forward for each faction. If you play on the Defiant side, you'll be reconnecting with the Kelari race's roots. Guardians will be uncovering a lost clan of dwarves, and as we all know, where there are dwarves, there's generally treasure.

To facilitate players who want more dynamic content, there will be over 11 Source Wells spread around Ember Isle. Source Wells bring a new style of gameplay to RIFT. Basically, at each Source Well you set up a base that you and your friends will need to defend from an oncoming onslaught. Each time you upgrade your base, it gets more powerful, and the more you upgrade your base, the more likely it is that an onslaught will begin. It's kind of like RIFT's version of a tower defense game.

Update 1.6 will also introduce a new massive dungeon called Caduceus Rise. The new five-man dungeon will feature three wings: one normal and two expert wings (also known as the East and West wings). There will be more than 11 bosses in Caduceus Rise, and players will be able to take them on more or less in the order that they want to. With a dungeon this large, the developers are even considering letting you ride your Mounts in it to get around faster.


Rise of the Phoenix is a 10-man raid that's coming with Update 1.6. While we didn't get the opportunity to preview any of the boss encounters in the raid, we did get to run around with GM powers and check out the molten Phoenix boss who's awaiting players at the end of the raid. The huge, crimson flapping beast is gorgeous and raiders will surely be impressed by the bird's animations when they face him.

It's not uncommon to see a lot of work and detail go in to MMO updates but it is impressive at how much content RIFT players have received in just under a year from the development team. With this huge update including something for just about everyone, and all of those features being finely tuned for the most epic of experiences yet, I'd say RIFT fans will definitely be in for a treat when Update 1.6 hits this November.

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