Rift - PC

  • Publisher: Trion Worlds
  • Genre:RPG, MMO
  • Developer: Trion Worlds
  • Release Date:Mar 1, 2011
  • # of Players:9999 players, 9999 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Rift, the graphically stunning online game, is set in a world being torn apart by dimensional “rifts” that tear into the land of Telara, releasing powerful forces that threaten the very existence of the entire universe. Rifts and other dynamic events can be triggered by players, scheduled by the development team, or even occur spontaneously. Dynamic events within Rift can lead to a range of changes across the world, including everything from minor events to dramatic shifts in the game’s landscape and the opening of new areas. Players will connect with hundreds of thousands of other gamers to battle creatures overrunning the world, as well as each other.
G4TV Rating
4 / 5
  • Avg User Rating
    (36 Ratings)
    4.5 / 5
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RIFT draws on the best aspects of other fantasy MMORPGs to create an entertaining and dynamic game. It's a game that is definitely worth the time that MMOs demand.

  • Preview

    Rift Update 1.6 Preview -- Largest Update Yet Brings New Zone, Mode, Dungeon, and Raid

    Now that RIFT, the fantasy MMO from developer Trion Worlds, has been out for over eight months, it's time for the game's largest update yet. Check out our first look preview to find out what improvements and additions you can expect to see in update 1.6.

    Posted: Nov 4, 2011

  • Preview

    Rift Gamescom 2011 Preview -- Chronicles of Telara Patch Brings Quick-Hit Instances Instances

    For the latest update to its popular fantasy MMO, Trion will introduce new quick-hit instances designed for MMO fans without dozens of hours to devote to playing but still wants to make progress in the ever expanding world of Rift.

    Posted: Sep 5, 2011

  • Video Preview

    Rift Endgame Walkthrough - Greenscale's Blight Zone

    RIFT Produer, Adam Gershowitz, gives you a in-depth walkthrough at the end game raidin zone called Greenscale's Blight and fights mighty life rift dragon called Grennscale.

    Posted: Feb 18, 2011 | 132,918 Views | 18:37

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