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Game Description:Breach uses Atomic's innovative Hydrogen Engine to give players inventive ways to use destruction so they can stun, manipulate, and eliminate their opponents with a new toolbox of tactics. For the first time, virtual warriors can punch holes through floors to get the drop on enemies below, breach both interior and exterior walls, crush enemy fighters by collapsing ceilings and balconies, and even shoot away individual bricks to create "shooter's holes." Breach is the first game to mix Atomic's ground-breaking Active Cover System, which lets players attach instantly to cover, quickly pop in and out of cover, and peak and blind-fire from behind cover, with an environment in which virtually anything that can be used for cover can also be destroyed. As walls get eaten away from bullets and explosions, characters will be able to use the new openings to return fire without leaving the protection of remaining cover.
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Breach News

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  • Breach Release Date Announced

    We've been hearing a lot about Breach since it was announced. First, it's a game from Atomic Games, the company whose Six Days in Fallujah was shelved after public outcry, and contains elements from that ill-fated title. Then, in an example of an actual breach, someone apparently tried to steal the code to Breach from a computer at PAX 2010....

    Posted January 14, 2011

    Breach Release Date Announced
  • Atomic Games' Breach Delayed

    We've been following the development of Atomic Games' Breach for a long time. First off, it was developed by the team behind Six Days in Fallujah, a bunch of hoo-rah, military types who also design real training software for the armed forces, secondly, it promised to use the technology developed for Six Days in a tactic-heavy, downloadable...

    Posted July 16, 2010

    Atomic Games' Breach Delayed
  • Alleged Breach Thief Shows Up In Court

    Atomic Games, the creators of Breach and Six Days in Fallujah, has close ties to the armed forces and is known for creating military grade tactical simulators as well as consumer first-person shooters, so you really shouldn't try to steal source code from them -- they'll totally catch you. This lesson that seems to have missed Justin D. May....

    Posted May 19, 2010

    Alleged Breach Thief Shows Up In Court
  • Peter Tamte Of Atomic Games Gets In-Depth About Breach

    Recently, Adam Sessler sat down with Peter Tamte, the president of Atomic Games, to talk about upcoming downloadable shooter Breach. Atomic is the company behind docu-game Six Days in Fallujah, but Tamte stressed in our extended interview that Breach is not what that game became. "We started with the tech from Six Days, and then we encanced...

    Posted April 13, 2010

    Peter Tamte Of Atomic Games Gets In-Depth About Breach
  • Breach Video Review

    Posted: February 8, 2011

    9,996 Views | 02:40

  • Breach Guns and Weapons Preview

    Posted: June 24, 2010

    10,805 Views | 02:46

  • Breach Combat Preview

    Posted: June 22, 2010

    13,636 Views | 02:47