Battle of the Immortals - PC

Battle of the Immortals
Game Description:The world in which BoI takes place is a world called "Motenia", the world of the mortals. The Norse God Loki in his lust for power invaded the mortal realm of Motenia. Several other Gods came to humanity's defense and plunged the mortal world into chaos. This period of time is today known as "Ragnarok". (For those unfamiliar with the term, Ragnarok is a term from Norse Mythology which refers to a series of major events, including a great battle that ultimately results in the death of a number of major figures as well as gods".) This series of battles tore apart the world of Motenia, shattering not only the landscape and continents, but also sealing away various artifacts of power in the process. More than 300 years after Ragnarok, the world of Motenia is still wrapped in chaos. A Goddess of Fate peered into the future, attempting to guide the mortals of Motenia to peace and safety. In her vision she saw an even greater era of destruction caused by a man called "The Dragon Emperor". The Dragon Emperor was an infamous dictator known for his tyrannical and merciless reign. For every man in power, there exists someone who wishes to take that power, and the Dragon Emperor was no exception to that rule. Rebellions against his regime ran rampant across his empire. One group of elves, known as the Witches of the Millennium were able to utilize an ancient magic, sealing the Dragon Emperor in stone, along with his army. The Goddess of Fate believes that the Dragon Emperor will soon find a way to free himself and his army from the curse, soon thereafter laying waste to the world. Only those who wield great artifacts of power will be able to stand a chance against the Dragon Emperor and his army.
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