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Jagged Alliance
Game Description:The land of Metavira needs your help! Contract additional mercenaries as you explore, capture, and hold new territory so the natives can harvest the valuable trees from which a revolutionary medicine can be extracted. The more trees you hold, the more money you make. The more money you have, the more you can do, such as hire native guards, hire more mercs, in order to take the offense and clear the sector of enemies. You will also need to retrieve certain objects from behind enemy lines, rescue captured personnel, capture equipment, and more. Hire a good mechanic in order to get your equipment and guns repaired, and to "enhance" them with various add-ons. Travel through lush jungles, treacherous rivers (with venomous snakes!), and more as you seek to free Metavira. Eventually, you'll meet up with the bad guys' leader in his compound for the final showdown...
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Jagged Alliance Cheats

  • Duplicate items

    Press the following key to quick save the game while in your sector. Take an item from the speed inventory bar at the bottom of the screen and keep it "floating". Push [Alt] + R to restore the game. The selected item should still be in-hand as well as in the inventory. Put the FLOATING item into an open location in the inventory to obtain two of...

    Code: [Alt] + S

  • Skip opponent's turn

    Push the following keys when it is your opponents turn.

    Code: [Ctrl] + F

  • No action point limit

    Direct one of the mercs to travel a longer distance than the available action points. Look at the action point total as it decreases. While the action points are below the number needed to shoot, but still more than zero, click the Right Mouse Button on the merc to spin it around and display three buttons. Click on the RESERVE POINTS button,...