Twin Skies - PC

Twin Skies
Game Description:One of the oldest legends tells the story of the twin planets: one big and one small. The larger planet was green and beautiful. The smaller was dark and stormy. These two planets were forever entwined in orbit together, dancing through the cosmos in an eternal waltz. Together they make up the world of Twin Skies. Over a hundred years ago a ship carrying thousands of human refugees came to the end of its twenty-year voyage through the cosmos. As it closed in on its destination there was a terrible accident on board, and it was forced to divert and crash-land on the smaller planet. Some who managed to escape in time ended up on the larger, greener planet. Forever separated, and now with no way to leave their new home, these humans forged their own destinies in amazing new lands. The twin planet in the sky a constant reminder of the friends and family each left behind. And that's where your story begins...
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