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Mayan Squares: The Secret Scrolls
Game Description:Mayan Squares: The Secret Scrolls is a unique puzzle game. The basic idea of the game is simple -- like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. However, we modified the game design to give you an even more exciting experience with special items like Jackpot Coin, Gem, Turtle, Magic Shoe, and more! You'll also find useful tools like Bombs, Missiles, and Metamorph squares. But beware of the enemies! Black Hole, Lightning, Mine, and Ice Cubes will try to thwart your valiant efforts to complete the levels. Howard, a heroic cartoon character, is the star of the graphically rich Mayan Squares. His moving background story will inspire you, while the fun and addictive game gives you hours of enjoyment. With so many game mode options, you and your family will enjoy the excitement of Mayan Squares for a long time to come.
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Mayan Squares: The Secret Scrolls News

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    When last we heard of the conflict between Minecraft creator Notch's company Mojang and Bethesda, Notch had challenged Bethesda to a friendly game of Quake 3 to settle the matter of whether his company could call their upcoming game "Scrolls." Apparently, Bethesda does not feel this is an adequate solution to the problem... or they're...

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