Silent Hill: Homecoming Latest News - PC

Silent Hill: Homecoming
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre:Adventure
  • Developer: The Collective
  • Release Date:Dec 30, 2008
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Silent Hill: Homecoming marks the sixth story in the Silent Hill mythos, and introduces a new protagonist to the mysterious town. The story follows Alex Shepherd, returning to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen to investigate the sudden disappearance of his brother and the strange occurrences taking place around town. Shepherd unravels a tale that takes him from his boyhood home to the fog-shrouded streets of Silent Hill, facing the darkest horrors of his soul to find his missing brother. This game features all-new graphics that bring the fear and terror of Silent Hill alive like never before. Alex must survive the terrible denizens of Silent Hill using an all-new enhanced combat system that provides a wide array of attacks and counters. Along the way, Alex will encounter a variety of weapons to battle these horrific monsters and solve deadly puzzles, discovering the darkest secrets of Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Homecoming also features an all-new soundtrack by acclaimed series composer Akira Yamaoka.
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Silent Hill: Homecoming News

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  • Silent Hill Fan Film, The Confined -- Nugget From The Net

    A Silent Hill fan film is in the works, and if this trailer is any indicator of how creepy it will be, well then it will be really creepy. The short is called "The Confined," and was initially intended to earn a creature role in the upcoming movie Silent Hill Revelation 3D. Warning: Turn on your lights. Source: YouTube We'll let you...

    Posted March 30, 2011

    Silent Hill Fan Film, The Confined -- Nugget From The Net
  • Silent Hill Guitar On Sale; Almost Certainly Haunted

    Since the horrible earthquake in Japan a few weeks ago, Play 4 Japan has been raising money (over $23,000 so far) for Red Cross relief effort through auctioning amazing gaming memorabilia. A just-posted auction really takes the proverbial cake, though. Video game music composer Akira Yamaoka is auctioning off the acoustic guitar he used to...

    Posted March 29, 2011

    Silent Hill Guitar On Sale; Almost Certainly Haunted
  • New Silent Hill Movie Shooting This Spring?

    According to Resident Evil: Afterlife Producer Don Carmody, the sequel to Silent Hill may be in production this spring. Carmody spoke to our sister site, FEARnet who visited the set of Afterlife. On Silent Hill 2, Carmody said, "I did Silent Hill and we are planning a Silent Hill 2 -- we were getting hate mail for that one." When...

    Posted May 6, 2010

    New Silent Hill Movie Shooting This Spring?
  • Konami Reveals New Silent Hill

    At its recent gamer day event, Konami revealed that a new Silent Hill game is coming. The company showed off a teaser trailer in that familiar, moody Silent Hill style that showed a dude stumbling along a foggy street before being attacked by something monstrous, and a title card promising "The Silence Ends At E3." So it looks like...

    Posted April 9, 2010

    Konami Reveals New Silent Hill
  • Reaction Time: Konami Reflects On Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    Konami took several risks with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. They revisited hallowed ground and reimagined the original Silent Hill. It was built from the ground up for Wii. The twisted, Hell-like version of the town was covered in ice. It removed combat entirely. The game was watching every movement you made and changed the setting,...

    Posted January 29, 2010

    Reaction Time: Konami Reflects On Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
  • New Silent Hill Movie Announced

    Mediocre video game-based film Silent Hill is getting the sequel treatment. Columbia Pictures has officially announced it is going to begin production on Silent Hill II: The Legend of Curly's Gold after the completion of Sony Screen Gems' Resident Evil: Afterlife. Returning for part two are screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida....

    Posted September 15, 2009

    New Silent Hill Movie Announced
  • Silent Hill-Themed Haunted House To Open In Orange County

    Have you ever wanted to visit the universe of the Silent Hill games? Me neither--that place is full of headless, murder-dogs and scary nurses...plus it's dusty! But maybe you'd like to visit a theme-park style haunted house patterned after the games? Okay, I'm in for that too. This October you'll have your chance. Just head down to Brea,...

    Posted August 10, 2009

    Silent Hill-Themed Haunted House To Open In Orange County
  • Roger Avary To Direct 'Silent Hill 2'?

    Silent Hill, the movie, just never achieved the levels of creepy horror that the best of the Silent Hill games enjoyed, but that doesn't mean the sequel won't, especially if internet reports that Silent Hill 2 will be directed by Roger Avary turn out to be true. The source of the info: Novelist Brett Easton Ellis. When asked by interviewer at...

    Posted May 11, 2009| 16 Comments

    Roger Avary To Direct 'Silent Hill 2'?
  • New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Direct-Feed Boss Fight

    Step into the room of the long-armed Sepulcher, he happily pounds away to your arrival in this boss fight for Konami's survival-horror Silent Hill: Homecoming available now for the PS3, and Xbox 360 (PC release is still TBA). Silent Hill: Homecoming Sepulcher Boss Fight Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted October 8, 2008| 11 Comments

    New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Direct-Feed Boss Fight
  • New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage

    <p>Delve deep into the first 15 minutes of Konami's psychological nightmare, <em>Silent Hill: Homecoming&nbsp; </em>for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.&nbsp; Wake with Alex Shepherd, the game's protagonist, in a hospital that could definitely pass as a slaughterhouse.&nbsp;</p> <p>Grab your combat knife, the...

    Posted October 7, 2008| 9 Comments

    New 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage
  • 'Homecoming' Delayed On Steam

    Konami's latest survival horror title, Silent Hill: Homecoming, already made its way to the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles earlier this week, but unfortunately, the PC version (via Valve's Steam) won't be arriving until later this month. On the Steam forums, Valve's Mike Dunkle stated on a post: "Silent Hill Homecoming for PC will not become...

    Posted October 3, 2008| 14 Comments

    'Homecoming' Delayed On Steam
  • 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Ships Today

    Konami's latest survivor horror title, Silent Hill: Homecoming, makes its way to stores today for the PS3 and Xbox 360 today. Following the story of Alex Shepherd, Homecoming captures the fear of players by pitting them against a mysterious force behind Shepherd's hometown. Utilizing a new graphics engine, improved combat mechanics and enemies...

    Posted September 30, 2008| 5 Comments

    'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Ships Today
  • Australia's 'Homecoming' To Be Censored

    Following the Fallout 3's in-game, drug-induced fiasco, Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused classification towards Konami's upcoming survival horror title, Silent Hill: Homecoming, "presumably for excessive violence". Unless the publisher decides to change the game's current form, sales will be...

    Posted September 26, 2008| 8 Comments

    Australia's 'Homecoming' To Be Censored
  • 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Preview

    Konami unveils the mist of their upcoming survival horror title, Silent Hill: Homecoming, in the preview video below. This latest installment to the company's perfectly disturbing series puts players in the shoes of Alex Shepherd, as he investigates the mysterious events that has unfolded in his hometown. Watch Larger Version of this Video ...

    Posted August 27, 2008| 7 Comments

    'Silent Hill: Homecoming' Preview
  • 'Silent Hill' Still Comes Home This September

    Earlier this week, we reported that Konami has pushed back the release of Silent Hill: Homecoming from this September to November. But as reported by Joystiq, it turns out that the the company's latest survival horror title will still arrive in September for North America, after Konami clarified the release date. Also, the PC version will only...

    Posted August 22, 2008| 8 Comments

    'Silent Hill' Still Comes Home This September
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming Game Preview

    Posted: October 7, 2008

    777 Views | 02:48 | 1 Comment

  • Silent Hill: Homecoming First 15 Gameplay Footage (PS3)

    Posted: October 7, 2008

    5,783 Views | 14:29 | 4 Comments

  • Silent Hill: Homecoming Direct-Feed Sepulcher Boss Fight

    Posted: October 7, 2008

    3,767 Views | 04:23 | 1 Comment

  • Silent Hill: Homecoming Launch Trailer

    Posted: October 7, 2008

    1,063 Views | 02:15

  • Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

    Posted: October 6, 2008

    46,748 Views | 03:02 | 44 Comments


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