Escape from Woomera - PC

Escape from Woomera
Game Description:Boldly critiquing the Australian government, Escape from Woomera caused controversy by exposing a secret interment camp for refugees in the desert. Woomera is a secret a desert prison that holds detainees who, seeking asylum in Australia, have found themselves indefinitely confined in what one guard called “the hottest place this side of hell.” To create this mod of Half-Life, the Escape from Woomera Project Team had to piece together information from leaked maps and eyewitness accounts (including previously planned escape routes), and a few vague snatches of government-sanitized news footage. In this way, they were able to reconstruct a site that barely anyone in Australia had ever seen. Arguably the boldest exploit in indie game creation to-date, Escape from Woomera also served as a form of investigative journalism, allowing players to see the previously unseen interior of a highly classified government detention site and exposing the government. The project caused a huge fracas when it was discovered that it was funded by an art grant from the Australian government.
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