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Game Description:Inviting to play and unfairly addictive, this fast-paced, multiplayer puzzle game is designed to be a dream come true for game fans: it's a videogame about videogames! Reset Generation is a fractured fairy-tale where anything can happen. It's a sleek homage where every pixel is stylized, significant. The entire game is one big Easter Egg, ready to delight players again and again. Reset Generation: For the love of gaming. Every player has a hero: Choose one of ten legendary champions from the high-score halls of videogame lore. Plumber? Hedgehog? Level 50 Elf? Or maybe you'd prefer a dual sub-machinegun-wielding Cyborg? They're all here, and they're all ready to rescue... Every player has a princess. Players must guide their heroes to rescue other players' princesses. Princesses are everything in Reset Generation: Lose your princess and it's Game Over, man. Build a combo road to other heroes' castles by dropping puzzle blocks. Fire your cannons to defend your own castle from your opponents' puzzle blocks. Grab legendary items -- like the Biggest Freakin' Gun Possible (BFGP) -- to lay the smack on approaching heroes. Zip along your puzzle-block-road and unleash your hero's special power to rescue the princess!
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  • 'Reset Generation' Producer Interview

    Executive producer Scott Foe gives the skinny on the quirky free adventure title, Reset Generation. Spoofing off several popular gaming icons such as Mario and Sonic, this title mixes in action elements and puzzle mechanics to deliver one funny-as-heck gaming experience. And best of all, it's free. Watch Larger Version of this Video Go...

    Posted September 18, 2008| 3 Comments

    'Reset Generation' Producer Interview
  • 'Reset Generation' Producer Interview

    Posted: September 16, 2008

    1,291 Views | 01:27