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Call of Duty: World at War
Game Description:Call of Duty: World at War re-creates history while making some of is own. Built using the same engine that delivered jaw-dropping visuals in COD: Modern Warfare, World at War sends you to new battlefronts, including the Pacific Theater, where you'll fight as American Marines or Russian infantry. Battle on multiple fronts against ruthless new enemies, some never-before-seen in a COD game. Cinematic visuals are here, along with improved squad-based multiplayer. But World at War truly makes its mark with the addition of co-op play for the first time in Call of Duty history. Coordinate two-player assaults on local split-screens or join with up to four online.
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Call of Duty: World at War News

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  • 'Call of Duty: World At War' Details Revealed

    A slew of Call of Duty World at War details have dropped, and some of the innovation in the fifth installment of the war/shooter look pretty amazing. Here's what we know: World War II's "South Pacific and European theaters" Co-Op gameplay Flamethrowers Uses the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine Some details on...

    Posted June 23, 2008| 21 Comments

    'Call of Duty: World At War' Details Revealed
  • 'Call of Duty 5' Details Revealed

    New details have leaked out about Call of Duty 5. British gaming magazine GamesTM, the iteration of the first-person historical shooter will be called Call of Duty: World at War and is set within the Pacific Theater of World War II. Supposedly, it allows for co-op, a first for the series, and vehicles in multiplayer. The game's opening scene...

    Posted June 9, 2008| 139 Comments

    'Call of Duty 5' Details Revealed
  • Next Call of Duty Details Revealed

    Speaking during a conference call yesterday, Activision Publishing CEO and president Mike Griffith dropped a few tantalizing details about the next Call of Duty game. The unnamed sequel will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS later this year, and it looks like it won't be set in World War II, the series' go-to...

    Posted May 9, 2008| 38 Comments

    Next Call of Duty Details Revealed
  • Activision Claims Infinity Ward Only 'CoD' Rumors False

    Following rumors that Infinity Ward had renegotiated its contract with Activision to become the sole-developer of Call of Duty games after the release of Call of Duty 5. Call of Duty 5 will be developed by Treyarch, the developers of CoD3. The rumors included a mention of a spin-off series that might not even be a first-person shooter. A former...

    Posted April 22, 2008| 41 Comments

    Activision Claims Infinity Ward Only 'CoD' Rumors False


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